Track your loved one activates in this lockdown

mobile tracker app

The COVID-19 sudden outbreak has stunned the people and governments worldwide. It has engulfed almost half of million lives worldwide, and millions of the people have got affected. Therefore, people are desperately trying to protect their families and loved ones from the spread. Lockdown has been lifted in many countries worldwide, but still, some cases are thrilling and frightening situation for the people.

If you want to look after, kids, and family and you want to keep an eye on them all day long to make sure there are not moving around the infected areas then you should make use of the technology, and you can get to know how you can track your loved one’s activities in this lockdown on cellphone devices connected to the internet and in their surrounding neighborhoods in real –life.

What is Covid-19 Pandemic?

It is a virus that had out broken form Wuhan China and thousands of people worldwide got affected with different kinds of symptoms like cough, fever or chills, shortness of breath, sore throat, and plenty of others alike. The sudden outbreak of pandemic is created an alarming situation for people worldwide and governments worldwide put a lockdown on the cities got infected.

Therefore, to look after your family and friends and loved ones you can need to track them in during and after the lockdown with the cellphone monitoring app following mentioned features.

GPS location tracking

If you want to protect your children to know about whether they are at home or moving outside the house during the pandemic and you want to track your loved one activity on cellphones and in real –life during the lockdown, then you can use GPS location tracker on the target cellphone device. It empowers to track live GPS location of the target phone, location history such as weekly and daily location history. Furthermore, users can further mark safe and restricted areas for the loved ones virtually on the MAP, and you can set Geo-fence and get a notification when loved one go in or outside the place via email notifications.

Call recording

If you are suspicious or you have mistrust on your loved one during the pandemic and you want to know to whom he/she is talking on cellphone calls, then you can activate the call recording app. Users can record and listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls using secret call recorder software. Users can further save the data on the web portal.

Text messages spy

Users can read text messages remotely on the target device sent and received of your kids or loved ones and read the conversation and get to know what they are talking about during the pandemic. Suppose your loved one is planning to move outside the house in conversations on cellphone messages, then you can ask the reason behind the activities.

Live screen recording

To track all the activities of teens and children on the cellphone screen you can use the OgyMogy cellphone monitoring app features such as screen recorder. It enables you to record back to back short videos of the mobile screen of your loved one during the lockdown. Furthermore, you can send the recorded videos of chrome, SMS, email, social media, and default browser screen recording videos to the online web portal. Users can remotely get access to the online dashboard and watch all the screen recording videos on your loved one phone screen and get to know what sort of activities he/she is doing in real-time. You can get to know whether your loved one is talking with strangers or having second thoughts for someone else.

Keystrokes logging

It is a tool that empowers you to remotely get access to your loved one cellphone device and further let you record applied keystrokes such as password keystrokes, messenger, messages, and email keystrokes. It simply helps you out what your loved one is up to during the sudden outbreak of a pandemic. You can read messages, conversations, and other activities on social media platforms.


You can install a mobile tracker app on your loved one cellphone device during the lockdown due to the outbreak of the pandemic and you can track your loved one activity to the fullest.