How to leverage technology to make your business coronavirus safe’

leverage technology

Coronavirus has shaken the whole world. There is no person or business sector that is not impacted due to the hit done by Coronavirus. Million of people have lost their lives and many have faced the heat of infection. Those left out have taken a hit financially. The firing rate has taken a huge spike in this lockdown, as the demand is all-time low. Those left out have to settle down for lesser salaries. The whole business machinery is raptured due to this COVID-19 situation.

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Business outputs are in on an all-time low. The world has witnessed many well-established enterprises completely shutting their operation resulting in a hike spike in the unemployment rate. Those companies that have managed to survive have one thing in common.

They have leveraged technology from every corner to ensure the smooth functioning of their business operation. Here are some of the cool tips for you to make your business coronavirus safe. While preparing these tips we have kept one thing in mind that social distancing is the key to success against coronavirus.

1.         Set a limit on the quantity

What we witness is that people have started keeping a stock of essentials as a backup. Due to this many are deprived of these things.  To prevent the shortage of products you can put a limit on buyers using Quantity Multipliers to manage store inventory.

2.         Limit payment device interaction

This is crucial as it helps put a barrier on the spread of germs. As the interaction will be minimal so the chances of this virus spreading will be low. To do this you can opt to disable signature requirements, amount approval etc. This is made possible by the EVM chip card payments. The public is more inclined towards stores where the interaction is minimal. Leveraging this will help business owners in getting more business.

3.         Opt for E-Commerce

This is the best way to help maintain social distancing. You can put your store online and can sell your product. People won’t have to visit the store physically and chances of spreading will automatically become zero. Also, more and more people are opting for shopping online so you can attract more business.

4.         Pre-packaging of prepared food

This is especially for people business owner running associated with the food industry.  To avoid the transmission of this virus for health benefits of the people consuming your product, the business owner can take pre-packaging prepared foods to prevent contamination. There are a number of machines available which will help you to do packing with minimal interaction of the product with hands.

5.         Leverage software to the optimum

Automate your internal machinery. We should keep this in mind that till the time doctors find a vaccine for coronavirus. Coronavirus is going to be a part of our life. Hence rather than meeting in person, leverage softwares like zoom, Jira, Trello etc for carrying out your business tasks.

In conclusion, those businesses that have managed to survive in the pandemic situation have one thing in common. They have extracted maximum benefits from technology. Now is your time.