Best Locations to Install Security Camera for Businesses

Best Locations to Install Security Camera

Setting up security cameras around your business is the best way to care for your property, protect your family, and get the peace of mind you need. However, you might not have any idea where to put these cameras. There are some tips here that explain where to put these cameras. The idea behind this exercise is to learn how to create full coverage of your property. You should consider each spot, look for the spots around your business that mirror the information here, and learn how to use the app that comes along with your security cameras.

The Front Door

The front door is always the best place to put a security camera. This is a good way to know who has come to the door. Irrespective of whether you have glass on the door, a peephole, or you can see people approach through the window, you need to know who is at the door. You can use a front door camera that will point at the welcome mat or face directly forward. The security camera systems and installation company offer Mobile App along with CCTV Cameras. You can check the app on your phone or tablet, and you will know who has come to the door. This is a good way to feel safe, and it can be even more helpful if you must limit your operations at any time.

Also, you can see if a delivery driver is at the door or on the street and you need to speak with them.

Outside The Garage/Cargo Bay

You can put a camera outside the garage/cargo bays that you know who has driven up. You can point the camera out to the driveway so that it is easy to see. You will know if your spouse just got business, or you can see who is parking in the driveway. This is also helpful if you are waiting for a delivery to arrive but you cannot hear them when they get there.

The Walkway, Deck, Porch, or Landing

When you point the camera at the deck, walkway, porch, or landing, you can monitor your customers or employees as they enter. Plus, this camera is a good way to know if someone has climbed on the deck because they want to break in. If you want to take it a step further, you can put a back door camera up that faces the mat. You might need this if people come to the back door regularly.

The Edges Of Your Business

You have a few choices. You can put a camera on the side of the building, or you can put cameras on the edges of the building. You can point these cameras along the side of the building, the front, or the back so that you can see everything. This is a good way to keep an eye on your property, and you can even monitor your employees as they cross a massive property from one building to another. With a Professional security camera installation Service, you can also expect the installation of a 360 Degree Dome Camera that helps in cost-cutting.

If you have a large property, you can angle these cameras so that they point to different ingress and egress points that intruders would use.

How Big Is The Property?

If you have a big property, you might need to add cameras around your property on a tree or a post that was set up just for those cameras. You need to cover a lot of areas if you have a massive backyard, or you might have a fence that protects your property. You could put the camera at the fenceline, and you can see anyone who is approaching.

Around The First Floor Windows

When you put cameras around the exterior of the building, you can put the cameras above each of the first-floor windows. You can point the camera at the ground, and you will see anyone who is trying to get through your windows. If you have dormer windows on the second floor, you might want to put cameras above those windows. You need to know if someone is trying to get in, and you can cover every vulnerable window around the building.

The Basement/Crawl Space

When you put cameras at your basement door or in your basement/crawl space, you can easily see if someone is trying to enter the building. There are times when people get into a building and linger in the basement until they feel safe to move around. Putting a camera in the basement will help you catch these people. If you wanted to take the next step, you could attach these cameras to the security alarm so that the intruder will trip the motion sensor.

A Storm Cellar

If you have a separate storm cellar around the building, you need to put a camera outside the door or inside the bunker itself. These cameras will prevent people from lingering in your storm cellar, and you can prevent any damage that is caused by animals. This is especially important if you think the animals that are outside will try to get into your storm cellar. The same thing might be true of your basement if there is a window or other space where these animals can get in.


You can put cameras inside your garage if you would like to have an extra layer of security. The garage acts much like the basement. You can easily sit in the garage for a long time until you feel comfortable to move around. However, it would be impossible for an intruder to sit in the garage if you have them on camera. You could even attach the camera directly to the door opener with the assistance of a security camera installer.

Conclusion: You Need Full Coverage For The Building

When you are using the tips above, you can add security cameras around your property. You will get full coverage if you have used several cameras to get the results that you want. Plus, you should ask your vendor or installer how to use the app that allows you to watch the CCTV camera feeds. You get peace of mind and total access to the system when you use the proper system and enough cameras to cover the property.