7 Ways to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Quality Backlinks for Your Website

Do you have a website but no one comes to you, gets no traffic, no visitors and no sales? It’s
because you don’t have enough backlinks pointing to your website. Today I’m going to tell
you seven ways that you can build quality backlinks for your website.

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Number one build a guide so a guide is a huge long-form content guide that it goes
over everything possible in a certain topic so any questions that someone might have
about this topic this guide will have so, it should be you know words plus it should
include you know all sorts of amazing content answers to common questions and step
by step guide on how to do something, learn something or create something
. Because people are always linking to good content so if
you build a high-quality guide that has a lot of useful information on how to do
something then you will see a lot more backlinks coming into your website.

Number two creates a statistics post so this is basically a post that features popular
statistics in your industry or niche so why this attracts backlinks is because people
often cite their sources using a backlink so if you add a really quality statistic to a
page and someone finds that statistic and they say oh well I want to you know
reference this statistic. They are likely going to link back to your statistic folks
because that is where they found it so I have seen some huge success creating statistic
pokes I do it for all of my businesses and I see a huge number of backlinks come into
those posts.

Number three is called the skyscraper technique. Basically the skyscraper technique is
going out and finding a really awesome piece of content online that is ranked you
know number one or number two for its main keywords and basically you’re just
going to write a better piece of content than that so you know that it’s getting a lot of
the traffic you know that it gets a lot of backlinks. Because you know it’s number one or
number two or three at Google so all you have to do is create a similar piece of
content that is better and reaches out to all of the people that are backlinking to that
an original piece of content and tell them you have this newer better bigger piece of
content that they should link to and that is basically the skyscraper technique.

Next number four is guest posting so this is a pretty common backlink building
the technique in basically you reach out to similar niche websites or forums and you
request to write a guest post on their blog so basically you’re going to write a really
an informative article on their blog and you are going to add you know one or two links
back to your site now some places will make you pay to write a guest post and that is
completely fine because guest posts are really great backlinks so it’s often worth it to
pay if it’s a reasonable price.

Number five creates a resource page so this is a page that has a list of tons of
resources on it that you know a link to other websites to guides to statistics posts it’s a
the huge page that includes a ton of great resources so this attracts a lot of backlinks.
Because you know it includes a lot of great information to other web sites other links
other places that people can find easy so people often link to resource pages because
of that reason.

Number six is creating infographics so I’m sure that you have heard of infographics
they’re the really long graphics that include statistics and images and they’re really
great visual ways to show information to your readers so these also attract a ton of
backlinks because if you put this on here whoops people will link to that page to
reference your infographic so there are a lot of great resources out there to create
infographics a lot of great services it’s definitely well worth it to hire one of these
services and create an infographic for you know usually they range in between you
know bucks you know upwards of a thousand bucks but it’s well worth it in the
revenue that you will generate by building more backlinks to your site and getting
more traffic.

The last way to build quality backlinks to your website is called broken link building.
Basically, what broken link building is you go out to other websites in your niche or
industry and you find broken links on those websites that are pointing to content in
business so we are going to create a piece of content around that link or keyword and
we are going to reach out to the website owner when I say hey I found this broken
link on your website that s pointing to this SEO guide we created a similar SEO guy
that’s really informative and helpful and you will see that a lot of people are definitely
willing to add your link to fix their broom and they’re also thankful that you told them
about the broken link so that is a really effective method so that is seven really
amazing ways that you can build quality backlinks online.