How to Keep Children Safe on the Internet

Keep Children Safe on the Internet

The internet has turned out to be the most crucial technology to be used by people of every age group. The usefulness of the internet for children and adults is equal as it enables them to get answers for their queries; interact with the world and have fun in numerous ways. However, the use of this powerful tool can be risky for children. The unsupervised and unmanaged internet access can cause kids to encounter online child predation, cyberbullying, scamming, hacking and innumerable potential threats of the cyber world. There are a few simple techniques that help parents to make the internet safe for their children. Read on to know the ways to ensure the protection of your children is while using the internet.

Monitor Internet Activities

The most effective way to minimize kids’ exposure to unsafe websites is monitoring. Parents must monitor the internet activities of their children to educate them about using this technology responsibly and sensibly. If you are unable to be around your kid all the time, you can take the support of cell phone and computer monitoring app to keep an eye on your kid’s online and offline activities remaining anywhere in the world. The monitoring app enables parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children without accessing their mobile phones and computer devices. The app provides complete information on the internet usage of your kids and provides you with the internet browsing history of their devices.

Set Rules

It is important that you set rules for the use of powerful digital technologies like smartphones and the internet. Your kids must not have unrestricted access to the internet. Set time limits for the use of the internet so your little one does not become an addict of this technology.

Set Parental Controls

Google offers parental controls to enable parents to restrict their kids’ access to objectionable and age-inappropriate stuff. Make sure you use these parental controls to make the internet kid-friendly. Moreover, there is parental control software that allows restricting sexually explicit content and masking racy language and media files.

Keep Computers at Visible Place

It is important that you do not provide computers to your children in their rooms. Place computers somewhere visible at home. It helps restrict kids from visiting age-inappropriate websites. Providing computers or laptops to kids in their private rooms can make them visit objectionable webpages.

Supervise Social Media Use

The social media obsession of kids is not hidden from anyone. The studies confirm that kids spend around 9 hours a day using social networking platforms. The time they spend on socializing websites is the riskiest because these platforms are a safe haven for cyberbullying, child predation and scamming. Parents must know what social media apps your kids use and whether these are appropriate for their age or not. Following your kid’s social media accounts can also be helpful. However, the use of social media monitoring app can be helpful in staying updated about every activity performed on the online socializing platforms.

Website Filtering

The internet is jam-packed with adult-oriented and sexually explicit stuff. The website blocking can help protect your children from exposing to age-inappropriate websites. The monitoring tools also help in filtering websites according to your needs. The age-inappropriate websites can be blocked through URLs, keywords and key phrases.

Educate Kids About Online Dangers

Having frequent conversations with your kids about internet dangers is of great importance. Educate them about the most common online dangers including cyberbullying and child molestation. Also, help your kids learning about the ways to combat online dangers. Educate kids about ways to deal with cyberbullies and scammers. Demonstrating responsible online behavior also helps your kids learn good digital behavior.

The Bottom Line

There are two important things in keeping kids safe on the internet: monitoring and education. Monitoring and supervising will help you keep your kids restricted from visiting age-inappropriate and objectionable websites and social media apps. The education of online dangers and nourishing responsible digital behavior help your children combating internet threats when you are not close to supervise and assist. The android monitoring software for digital devices also helps in remote supervision of mobile phone and computer activities of younger children.