Common HP Printer Issues and their Corresponding Solutions

HP Printer Issues

HP printers are known for their power-packed performance. The reliability, several features, and the effectiveness are the other major highlights of the printer. But machines tend to face errors from time to time. Here we are providing you with the guide that includes the solution to various issues that happen with HP printers. Here you will get the practical ways to deal with a whole lot of issues and few effective tips to keep errors at the bay.  

Paper jams:

The common printer’s issues start from none other than but printer jams. This issue can arise due to a large number of reasons. The major cause can be the incorrect paper type or the overloaded printer feed. Also, the worn-down pathways can induce paper jams in HP printers and thus to resolve the issue, you first need to figure out the cause and then the solution to the respective cause. This is the only way to eliminate the issue from the root. 

To get rid of the issue you can try the basic troubleshooting such as using the correct paper type, clearing the roller, removing debris/ stuck paper/ dust from the printer can help you fix the issue. To remove the stuck paper, make sure to pull the paper in the direction of printing as pulling it backward can cause damage to the printer. If you are using the HP printer, you are likely to face this error comparatively lesser as HP printing machines are rock-solid. 

Faded printing:

The faded printing can take place due to three major reasons such as low printing density, using Economode, or low-ink in the toner. For changing the last two settings you need to access the button next to the “Self-test” option. Or, you can add the link to the toner or simply replace the toner. Or you can simply remove the cartridge and try shaking it to uniformly distribute the ink inside the toner, but this resolution is only a temporary way to get rid of the issue.


Ghosting is the issue due to which the image prints lighter and thus looking less appealing. The power outlet problem can cause Ghosting as it might not supply the power properly. So, first, look for the consumables of the printer such as a drum and imaging kit, and replace it if necessary. The consumable needs to be replaced from time to time as they can only print a specific number of pages. So, to fix the ghosting you need to keep a strong eye on the parts of your printer that have the life of a certain period. 

Toner smearing:

If the ink is smeared all over the paper, the printer needs special care and attention. The reasons may vary, but some common ones are; damaged fuser assembly and other problems. To make the thing right, you can try replacing the fuser assembly. It is one of the commonest solutions to the smearing issue. Moreover, one must consider replacing the fuser and not repairing it as the repair cannot act efficiently. If you are using the black and white printer, it is advisable to replace the toner cartridges. The solution is to replace the laser printer if the toner is spilled in the printer. 

The Printer is displaying a 50.4 error message:

The 50.4 error message occurs when the newest HP LaserJet printer indicates the poor supply of electricity. If the connection to a UPS, disconnect it. Also, remove the power strip and plug it directly to the wall socket. Also, keep it in mind that plugging the laser printer using UPS can be hazardous. Also, it is required to make sure that the printer’s elements are properly configured. 

Clogged print head: 

People who don’t use print regularly often face this issue. The ink dries out with time and clogs the end of the printer head and thus it is important to clean the dried out ink and let the printer breathe for better functioning. To fix these issues, you can try the paper-towel method. For this, you need a wet and dry paper towel. Both the towels will perform different roles. FYI, the gold and copper strips at the end of the cartridge and not at the end of the print head. Look for the source of ink blotting and then clean it with the paper towel. Use the wet and dry paper-towel consecutively.

Stuck on Pause:

  • If you are using the operating system, choose the “Start” option and then go to “Settings” and then “Printer“.
  • Right-click on the printer icon
  • Now, choose “Pause Printing” or “Work Offline“. Now uncheck the option
  • Reprint documents
  • Establish a parallel connection
  • Turn off the printer or remove it from the network
  • Next, connect your desktop using a parallel cable
  • Turn on the printer
  • After setting up the HP printer, try printing the document again.

HP Printer is Offline:

when your HP printer is offline then go to perform given below steps to get it online.

  • From the settings to check the pause button is “on”
  • Now go to the control panel from the HP printer with the start button.
  • Press and release the pause button and the problem will be solved
  • Now, be sure to go through the on-screen steps to complete the process.
  • From the taskbar, go to the “HP Printer” icon
  • You may need printer documents to enter details
  • Right-click on the screen and then press the “Stopped” button
  • Click “Resume” to use your printer.

Remove Large Jobs:

File size matters a lot when printing and thus a large job which technically means a heavy file which is a large job count that can disturb the functioning of the printer and prevent printing. Therefore, fix stalled printing by clearing jobs that are too heavy, or distributing them in small volumes to maintain printing speed.

Fix Data Problems:

Corrupted data or jobs may cause the printer to be stuck and thus it is important to find the culprit and get rid of the HP printer that has been deleted. But make sure that you are able to remove the problematic data or the page with the problem.

Few effective tips to avoid errors with HP printers:

1. Make sure to clear your printer inside-out from time to time

2. Printers do wear off with time so make sure you take them for regular servicing

3. Regularly replace the consumable and units that need to be

4. Always buy a printer that suits your needs- no more, no less.

5. But if you find yourself stuck in a cumbersome situation, rush to the service center and let the experts help you.