Best New iPad Pro 2020

New iPad Pro 2020

The new iPad Pro 2020 may only be in a month; With the upgrade to iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro 12.9 2018, the iPhone SE2 launch a new product.

Apple also needs to refresh its high-end tablet game, as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Huawei Mate Pad Pro from late 2019 will challenge its position as the best tablet available.

Since the release of the current iPad Pro devices in 2018, two years of technology can be put into its new versions, with the iPhone 11 handsets and the economic iPad 10.2 slate. There can even be an iPad 5G!

There are still not a lot of leaks or rumors around the new iPad Pro models. We think there are two models of different sizes, such as the iPad Pro 11 2018 and the iPad Pro 12.9, but the iPad Pros have seen models of various sizes in the past, so the change is unknown here.

New iPad Pro 2020

Since we don’t know much about the next iPad Pro series, we’ve put together some things we’d like to see.

1. Improved performance technology

Previous generations used the iPad Pro’s LCD screens, usually all iPads, so it was clear that Apple was sticking to technology in its slates. However, there are issues with LCD screens, such as poor black reproduction that you won’t find on OLED or AMOLED screens.

Samsung is improving its game on the tablet, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a super-AMOLED screen with better resolution than the iPad Pros, so Apple has to improve the quality of its monitor if it wants to be competitive.

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Improving screen quality is a particular requirement of the iPad Pro because many professionals use the device to work with – many of which require the best display technology to look good in color, detail, or on everything they accomplish.

2. Longer battery life

The iPad Pro (2018) range offers better autonomy, but the load decreases much faster if you use your iPad Pro for delicate tasks like video editing or games. Apple Arcade, in particular, can recharge the battery at any time.

Even if you don’t keep the iPad Pro processor at its pace, the giant screen means the battery will drop faster than you want, so after a day or two of regular use, you will find that the battery is fragile.

With iPad Pros growing like laptops; it’s time for Apple to increase the battery life of its slates.

3. Quick charge

Just as the battery capacity improves, the speed required to pack this energy also increases.

When using the iPad Pro charger that comes in the box, it may take several hours to power the tablet, and if you run into a coffee to charge or plugin too much, it will slow down your slate.

Apple sells 30W chargers on its website, so we know that tablets support fast charging, and we’d like to see that type of adapter in the box – alternatively, we’d like to see base charging speed increase somewhat.

4. Improved face ID

Although Apple’s Face ID systems on the iPad and iPhone have been at the forefront of the market, they have been overshadowed by facial recognition systems on other smartphones, and now it’s much faster to turn on an Android device than an iOS.

In the recent iPad Pro series, Face ID seemed a little unreliable – that doesn’t always deter us, and it’s a bit slow when it does. We’d love to see this change with an upgrade to the face unlock system because typing in a password is faster than trying to convince a tablet to identify you.

5. More RAM

iPad Pro devices are supposed to be high-end devices, but when you look at their RAM, it’s hard to dispute that – 4 GB isn’t enough at this point (1 TB models come with 6 GB, but c ‘is always much smaller).

Most high-end smartphones, like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, now come with 8 GB of RAM and some with 12 GB of RAM. This additional processing power is also useful for navigating the user interface

Playing games, rendering videos, or setting up your files, so it’s quite surprising that iPad pros have below-average RAM.

If RAM is improved in the new iPad Pro line, tablets will be more useful for many different business and leisure functions – and devices will compete more with their competitors.

6. Good Apple Pencil connectivity

A common complaint with most people who use Apple Pencil is the way it physically connects to the iPad Pro. In essence, it relates to the slate with the magnetic bar on the top of the device (when is placed horizontally), and it charges wirelessly.

However, if you ever put your iPad Pro in the bag when connecting to the iPad Pro (which you can do if you take it to work or a coffee), you will take it out again, only to find that ‘there is no pencil. Indeed, Apple does not take a lot of work to drop the pencil accidentally, or it falls into the bag or when removing the bag.

Samsung has a physical docking station on the Galaxy Tab S6 for the S Pen, and if something similar in the iPad Pro 2019 line-up, you get rid of these frustrating situations when you take your tablet out of its stylus.

7. iPad Pro 5G

We’ve already heard that Apple plans to release models of iPad Pro 5G, just like you can do with your iPad Pro in 4G now, it will use your cellular network to connect to the Internet when it comes out. Rumour has it. I will be in 2021, but we would like to see it soon.

With advances in cloud computing, 5G is becoming an increasingly important part of many different workplaces, so tablets designed for professionals (like the iPad Pro) must have a connection.

Imagine being able to travel on a massive 12.9-inch tablet, use the power of online processing to edit a photo, or download entire documents in seconds so that you can work on it right away – why this kind of functionality is so crucial for 5G tablets.

8. The redesigned smart keyboard folio

Like the Apple Pencil, the Smart Keyboard Folio is a device that sometimes has its problems.

On the one hand, when the folio is folded, its keys are face down, so you can sometimes find them by accidentally pressing. It’s not backlit when it’s really on the keyboard for its price, and it also makes a lot of noise.

The Apple Pencil had a wrong original version before becoming a more useful tool like today, so maybe a redesigned smart keyboard could be a powerful tool for productivity.