Types of JL Marine Speakers

JL Marine Speakers

JL Audio manufactures some of the best and innovative products including speakers and woofers. These products can make your audio experience great in your home, car, or your marine. JL marine speakers are matchless in their design and structure. No other marine speakers can compete with them as they are the best in material, and they are great when it comes to the optimization of audio for open-air marine experience. With these speakers, the sound is balanced, enjoyable, and lifelike at every level.

JL Marine Speakers – M6 Series

M6 are the flagship speakers by JL Marine Audio with maximum performance models and the best power with JL audio amplifier. M6 offers an outstanding output ability with the highest sound quality level for open air marine environment.

M6 speakers are right on for the commitment fulfilling of JL Audio for raising the standard with every new product. The team has reinvented the speakers with premium quality materials and major improvements to the precision, performance, and durability. These speakers come in many sizes and other enhanced options. Many models are available with new lighting technology that is something brilliant. You can choose from three different coaxial sizes that are 6.5 inches for standard marine speaker locations and two designs are larger in size and can give better performance. They are 7.7 and 8.8 inches.

M6 series also comes with subwoofer models that are in 8 and 10 inch diameter. The engineering team has brought all M6 models for open air marine environments with appropriate materials and other systems. Everything in the speakers is engineered carefully for making sure they are durable and reliable in the open air environment of a boat.

M6 also comes in many great looks that can be matching with the style of your boat. There are two grille designs available, one is classic and that is an all-white slate design and then another one is Sport that is a split-spoke design available in two color schemes: Gloss white or gunmetal/titanium dual metallic finishing. The M6 has different customizations with separate trim-ring and other components.

In the M6 coaxial and drivers, the lighting effect is optional. The RGB technology allows choosing from different colors to customize the intensity using an RGB lighting controller.

1.      M6 – 770X – S – GwGw – i

This is a 7.7 inches coaxial speaker with LED lighting, gloss white sport grille and a trim ring. These speakers are engineered for real marine duty that can deliver great audio performance in the boat. It has an additional visual impact on RGB LED lighting. This is an oversized design that can give more efficiency than the normal sized speakers. It comes with the combined power of excellent power handling and long excursion which makes it able to sound loud and clear in the open air environment of a boat. The woofer element of the speaker is operated with a large air volume.

2.      M6 – 770X – S- GmTi – i

This is also a 7.7 inches giant speaker with a sport grille, trim ring, and LED lighting. It has an inch dome tweeter for withstanding the marine open environment. It helps in handling the high-frequency work. It has a clean and articulate response for higher volumes. These speakers are multi-order and two way crossover that is covered in the woofer chassis protected from corrosion and vibrations.

These coaxial systems can be great with amplifiers for continuous power. The best RGB LED lighting gives a smooth light through the woofer cones. You can also choose from different colors. You can create hundreds and thousands of color variety.

3.      M6 – 880X – S – GwGw – i

It is an 8.8 inches marine coaxial speaker with a sport grille, trim ring, and LED light. The same way the 7.7 inches speakers take over the 6.5 inches design with a powerful and larger coaxial with more visual impact and better LED lighting. The 8.8 inches gives more performance than the 7.7 inches ones. They have double excursion capability and 36% more cone area. In these speakers, the bass is impressive, and they can be used without a subwoofer. If you will use them with subwoofers, you can get more dynamics and better impact than small speakers.

JL Marine Speakers – M3 Series

M3 series JL Marine speakers are affordable and much capable of outdating the conventional speakers. These speakers from JL Marine audio can work pretty well with source unit power and better with a JL Audio amplifier.

JL Marine Audio has launched the M3 series for marine speakers that come with the option RGB light. M3 speakers are built on the M6 series and they are expanding the products for every boat type from pontoons and runabouts to towboats, and consoles.

M3 series is built for delivering exceptional performance by producing the smooth and powerful sound in the open air of a boat. The coaxial and tower speakers of the M3 series have highly efficient woofers, long excursions, and dynamic range with high frequency and better mid-variety.

The M3 series matches almost all styles of boats from luxury yachts to towboats. Like M6, they also have two grille designs: Classic and Sport. They are designed for the boaters that are looking for a product to place a visual impact.

1.      M3 – 770X – C – Gw

It is a 7.7 inches marine coaxial speaker with gloss white classic grilles. They are made especially for real time marine duty by delivering great performance at an affordable price. The oversized design gives more efficiency and the ability to play clean and loud at high volume. The woofer design is also great to operate with a large air volume.

2.      M3 – 770X – S – Gw – i

It is also a 7.7 inches coaxial speaker with sports grilles and LED light. It has a pure silk tweeter for withstanding the harsh marine environment. The internal LED is integrated with the sport grille frame for designing the uniform lights from the woofer’s cone area.

Final Thoughts

JL Audio uses marine-grade materials for creating marine products for making sure that they can survive the salt exposure and intense UV. In the JL marine speakers, advanced design and innovative techniques are used for a reliable and great end product.