Can you use Bluetooth headphones on the Laptop?


The answer to the question Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones on our Laptop? Is Yes, of course, you can use the Bluetooth headphones on a laptop very easily.

Most of the laptops are equipped with Bluetooth, but if it is not now in use, you can get an adapter with it also that connects with the computer or laptop and makes it Bluetooth compatible and easy.

The Bluetooth option on any device such as a laptop is excellent as it gives the freedom or freeness of being free from the cords and attachment.

Bluetooth headphones are the best option for your laptop or device to search and type and enjoy while speaking with another party or person.

To use or allow the Bluetooth Headphones with your laptop, you have to pair the computer or laptop with headphones by creating a connection with the device.

Every computer or laptop has an operating system is different from one another or each other, and the same goes for Bluetooth headphones on the laptop. Usually, it gets connected pretty easily and quickly by the simple method of pairing with another device.

I am going to explain it in detail given below.


There is an essential or easy way to connect the Bluetooth headphones with the device is that is to:

  • Fully or completely charge the Bluetooth headphones and turn it on.
  • I hope your laptop or computer is already on and working.
  • Most of the laptops and devices have Bluetooth button on the right side of the keyboard or somewhere in the side panels of the laptop. Press it gently to turn it on.
  • However, if you do not have a separate button on the laptop, then you can easily access it from the settings of the laptop or computer.
  • Turn it on by clicking on button and scan for nearby devices to your device.
  • Keep the Bluetooth headphones closer to the laptop means to place it near so it can catch the signals easily.
  • Once the deices name appears on the screen, click on the pair option whom you want to pair with.

Many laptops or computers already have a system of Bluetooth Connectivity separately. You do not have to do anything special for it, all it needs is turning on the Bluetooth option from the setting of the laptop.

If your laptop or computer is not Bluetooth enabled due to some reason, you may need a USB adapter in this case. It is a small or cheap USB insert in the system that allows the Bluetooth headphones to pair with a computer or laptop that is not capable of Bluetooth connections naturally by itself.

There is also one of another option plug-and-play USB port option in the laptop that creates a pop-up window to download the Bluetooth adapter driver into the Windows operating system OS of the laptop very kneeling. You just have to install the driver on the laptop from the drivers’ installation CD gently.

When the driver installs in your laptop or device, the USB plug-in remains in the USB port easily and scans for the devices are gentle and easy. The Bluetooth headphones will be seen in the discovery mode very clearly. If you remove the USB driver from the laptop, you may need to repair or refresh the equipment after reinstalling the driver on the laptop.

Plug and play options in the laptop will work on most Windows like 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 operating systems OS of the laptop.


WIFI is one of the biggest culprits to cause problems or troubles in connecting Bluetooth devices with laptops or computers as well. The laptops or computer with dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support have control features in it that allows these technologies to coexist and co-relate.

It may be possible that the Bluetooth is not connecting with your device because of the downloading purposes and streaming video or music to your laptop, you should pause or stop that application or app until your Bluetooth connection established with the other device.

When the above-given trick does not work easily then turn off Wi-Fi on your laptop or computer and then connect Bluetooth again.

Other appliances or devices like microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, and even some small power cables can also cause interference while connecting or pairing. Try to move away from your laptop from such devices that cause interruption.

Try to Reach your wireless router if it seems to be causing trouble or destruction, you can also try configuring it easily. Or restarting opening may also easily work for you.


The Bluetooth settings in the laptop may change unintentionally due to any reason. Sometimes Bluetooth headphones can be turned off on your computer or laptop. You may not be able to see the icon of Bluetooth to confirm if it is on or off not so if your laptop or computer has a Bluetooth setting on the screen that allows control of Bluetooth settings easily, but you should make sure that the Bluetooth is “connectable.” With your device.

To be completely sure or satisfied and to avoid any misstep I will suggest all of you that you must refer to the manual guide of the laptop and check if you are missing any of the steps along the way.

Also, you should make sure that both the laptop or the headphones are not already connected to any other device.

You can also try turning Bluetooth on and turning off on your phone. Laptop, computer or merely resetting both devices as well.


It is one of the common reasons for connection problems. Sometimes it happens that the battery of the Bluetooth headphones may be low or less, so the processor of the laptop that controls the headset does not have enough power to operate very well.

So there is a need to keep your headphones fully charged. If it is not connecting with the laptop then put it on charge again maybe the charge indicator of the headphones is not reading the charge level correctly it might happen sometimes. Let it charge for some time so that it will fully charge and retry to connect it again easily.


It may be hard or tough to tell which part is at fault in the whole setting (the headphone or the laptop) but whatever the case is resetting we just need that the link may help us more.

The procedure for this deleting the Bluetooth headphone connection may differ from one another in many regards, but it is very easy and simple to figure out from the Bluetooth menu that is available right in the setting.

If your blue tooth headphone did not come with the manual book that is provided to you by the company, then you can search for it online for your help and it will help you a lot.


If you can find that your blue tooth headphones have not paired correctly with your laptop or computer, I would suggest you redoing the whole set up process directly. Turn off the blue tooth headphones completely. Make sure that you follow the exact steps that are shown on the screen so that you can achieve your task so that you can confirm how to put the device into discovery mode properly by this method.

If the troubleshooting fails again, then you should delete all the existing connections immediately and re-establish the connection from the start whole set up again. I am hopeful that it will work and provide you with comfort.

When you follow all the rule out all the hurdles try to connect it again, your headphones are in the proper mode or not. If your laptop still fails to detect it due to some reason, attempt to restart your computer or laptop.


Coming toward my final words, I have always enjoyed the Bluetooth option on all of my devices very comfortably. It feels liberating, easy and free. There are many options for Bluetooth connectivity on all the devices. It is not only limited to file transfer, but it is going cordless with every compatible connecting device provided by other companies. You can connect the mouse, keyboard, keypad, blue tooth headphones, and others with the device very easily and comfortably. The Bluetooth is pretty easy to connect it is not rocket science as some people thought that it is too much difficult, or it will not require professional knowledge it is so simple. It is not only very easy to compare the innovations or inventions in the Bluetooth technology has made it easy and smooth and on the go devices. Pair it once easily, and, then you have to turn it on in the proximity and convention. Enjoy the freedom and freeness from cords and broken ports as provided.