7 Proven Youtube Marketing Tips and Tricks

Youtube Marketing Tips and Tricks

In today’s era of the internet, social media marketing has become one of the strongest tools. YouTube is one such social media that has a lot of potentials to connect your brand with the target audience.

But many businesses are ignoring and overlooking this platform despite it being one of the most prominent video sharing platforms. Also, it is the second-largest search engine after Google, and people use it to search for product recommendations, tutorials, and so on.

 Furthermore, you need to remember that video content can have a more positive impression on a customer. They are visual, interactive, and people retain information that a video tells them more.

As a brand, you can have your own YouTube channel, where you can share ads, tutorials, how-to videos, and so on. It is one of the best ways in current time to connect with the audience, as people spend 500 hours per week on YouTube.

Now, a platform that boasts 1.5 million monthly users must have a lot of competition. That is why you need to use proven tips and methods to ensure that your channel is on the top, and engages people.

In this article, we will explore these tips that can help your channel with increasing engagement and so on.

Below are few tips for marketing your YouTube videos to get more subscribers and views

1.     It is important to use CTAs and keywords

YouTube not only acts as a video sharing platform but also as a search engine. People search for video related content on it. As Google owns it therefore, we can say its search engine is very well capable.

Thus, it becomes necessary to add keywords related to videos. It is because when the audience will type in that particular keyword, your video will come up.

While uploading the video one gets the option to tag it with common keywords.

Also, it is necessary to add a strong CTA to the end of your video and also in the description. CTA includes actionable verbs like, subscribe, call, buy, follow, or visit. Adding correct CTA helps in promoting the video to more people.

CTAs tell people about what exactly you want them to do after the video. Spelling it out clearly can help you with that.

2.     Don’t worry about making your video go viral

As we all know, going viral means having more people watching your videos. Well, it is good to be viral, but such videos are special, unique but most of the time missing quality. It is always better to build a good quality of videos that are apt for your business and company.

One should focus on bringing relevance instead of the number of viewers. When you have a solid audience base and quality videos, your videos will not only go viral but will trend too.

3.     Use custom thumbnails to increase your traffic

Thumbnails are important as they tell the audience what the video is all about. Using custom thumbnails are the best as it encourages people to watch your videos.

The custom thumbnail is like the cover of a book, it can make people either click on it or not. Also, a well-customized thumbnail can increase engagement by 154%.

Here are some tips that can help you make the best custom thumbnails.

  • Have a uniform typeface on all your videos. Also, don’t use more than two fonts. Keep the font size large enough for people to read.
  • The title of the video should be in the center and a color bar for the thumbnail.
  • Use a screenshot from the video or take a picture while shooting the video. It makes for amazing customized thumbnails.
  • Using a face in your thumbnail can attract more people to your video.
  • If you are making a series, make sure all designing elements, font, the typeface is the same.

Use Canva to create Youtube thumbnails. It also has templates that can help you maintain uniformity in your channel.

4.     Promote the channel on other mediums

One of the best parts of social media is cross-promotion. It is important that you promote your channel on other social media platforms. It will help you expose it to a larger audience, and bring in more customers.

For instance, you can use stories on Instagram or Facebook to tease your video. It is a great way to create excitement amongst the audience.

5.     Keep consumer and corporate content separate

If you want to create videos both for consumers and the corporate market, it is important to keep them separate. You should not make videos of both natures and publish them on one channel. It is because it can confuse and frustrate the consumers when they click on a video that is not relevant to them.

Creating two separate channels is a lot of work, and can distribute your consumers. But it will be effective in the long term as people would get what they were looking for. That is extremely important to make your channel successful.

6.     Incorporating different types of videos is necessary

If you think that you need to maintain consistency by creating one type of video only, you are wrong. It is important to create different types of content so that people don’t get bored, and have something new to look forward to.

Here are some ideas for video content:

  • Create a how-to video, telling people how to use your services or product
  • A Q&A video that will answer all the questions you get from social media and through the comments section
  • Live-stream an event that your company held for others
  • A vlog showing how an employee day goes in the office. Or you create and market a product.

There are tons of options, you just need to think out of the box, and you will have a new topic.

7.     A banner

Create a customized banner for your channel to engage more people. It is present on top of the channel page and gives your channel an identity. So, it must resonate with the brand identity you have. So, use logos, the color theme of the brand, and so on.

Creating a YouTube channel is easy. But maintaining it, creating quality content, and making sure it reaches the top requires careful planning and marketing strategies. So, use these tips and enjoy the perks of being a YouTuber.