Best Car Technologies That Can Come in Handy

Best Car Technologies

Nowadays the safety of the people is ensured by the use of technology in cars. These technologies are far more advance than the earlier ones such as airbags and seat belts. When buying a car every driver’s expectations are quite higher. It’s not a new thing, due to these new safety technologies death rate in developed countries is very low according to the surveys. Owing to these technologies many people can drive in their old age comfortably.

Car manufacturers are not only creating amazing new technologies but are also improving and enhancing the already existing features to make them more effective.

In this article, we have discussed a few of the best car technologies that come in handy, so that whenever you are purchasing a vehicle you must make sure that it incorporates these features.

Top-Notch Cameras

Like in earlier vehicle models’ cameras are not only at the back of the vehicle but now there are different cameras installed in the car at different angles and also above as the bird’s eye view of the car and nearby. The quality of the picture is enhanced a lot due to which it gives a crystal clear view. Night vision cameras are also introduced in the new expensive luxury cars. This provides the driver with a clear picture of what’s behind while reversing at night. In this way, small animals and obstacles can be seen and any sort of damage is prevented.

Forward Collision Preventing Systems

If there is something ahead and you are having a risk of crashing then for this sensor like radars and cameras are used so that you get alerted if there is any risk of collision. These warnings are either audio or visual and give you time to slow down, change lane or stop the vehicle.

Automatic Emergency Braking

In new cars, this technology is sort of mandatory now and is for sure incorporated. While purchasing a new car driver look for this feature in the car. If there is any risk of crashing and the driver does not take needed action then the car takes action by applying brakes automatically whenever needed. This technology most likely helps the drivers who drive for a longer period and have the risk of dozing off while driving. The survey shows that vehicles incorporating this technology are 50 percent less involved in crashing rather than the ones without this technology.

Air Bags

This is probably one of the old technologies but still, it’s the best and is made more efficient yearly. The inflation of these airbags depends upon the severity of the collision and also on the position and size of the passenger. Some of the cars also have side bags around the windows and doors that work more effectively. Car manufacturers are adding airbag technology in different parts of the car for safety.

Adaptive Cruise Control

It is more of a convenience than a safety feature. ACC uses radar, cameras, and laser for keeping a steady distance between your car and the car at the front. The adaptive cruise control system simply stops the car if the traffic slows down and then gain speed up when the traffic starts to move.

Parking Assist Technology

This is the best technology for you if you don’t like parallel parking. This technology detects the area of the parking its size then guides you to the starting point and after that, you don’t have to do anything the car will automatically be parked in that space without any damage. This feature helps in eliminating minor collisions between vehicles.

Blind-Spot Assist System

A blind-spot assist system prevents the risk of collision while you changing the lane and any car is in the blind spot. There is an unobtrusive, small light by which most vehicles notify the driver. This technology is an amazing addition besides your shoulder and mirror checks.

Cordless Radar Detector

As we are all well aware that getting a speeding ticket is not at all a good thing.  The wise thing to do is to take certain measures to avoid getting a ticket for this there are cordless radar detectors. It is common nowadays to have the best cordless radar detector on your windshield.

You can stay safe as well as avoid tickets simply by using this amazing technology. The cordless radar detector is an electronic device that scans nearby and detects radio frequencies by the police guns or any other device.

If this device detects any kind of radio frequency then it alerts you either by sound or visually.

Lane Warning System

Initially, the lane warning system warns the drivers while drifting. When the turn signal is not engaged then this feature alerts the driver. But, due to the advancement in the technology, the lane warning system is seen to be evolved to steer the vehicle to keep it in the appropriate lane. One of the best things is that this technology vibrates the steering wheel to get the driver’s attention. Many lane warning systems also warn the driver by sound or visually.

Adaptive headlights

For driving safely at night or in low light this safety technology is very effective. The visibility over the hills and around the curve is increased by adaptive headlights. Normal headlights continue to shine straight ahead while driving around a curve in the road, leaving the road ahead dark and only lighting up the side of the road. These headlights change the position of their beams rendering to the direction you are steering by utilizing wheel speed sensors to monitor every wheel’s speed accordingly.

Wrap Up

These are amazing features that are helpful while driving. Either you use a cordless radar detector or a top-notch camera each one will help you and ensure your safety while driving. Many of the features are already incorporated in the vehicle so you must look for such features while buying a car. All the safety features of the car are advancing and new features are developed day by day. Due to all this advancement, a day will come when there will be very less or no crashing of vehicles at all.

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