How to Install And Use Ibis Paint X App on a Computer

Ibis Paint X

Ibis Paint X is one of the most popular and trending applications for Android and iOS when it comes to the creation of drawings. It features a lot of useful material for painting. They have more than 325 different paintbrushes styles and have a lot of effects and tones that you can apply easily.

Using a portable device like the smartphone and tablets might be a good idea to create drawings on the go. However, in some people, using the desktop computer is still more convenient since it is faster and has a bigger screen which is more suitable for viewing your painting. But there’s a bit of bad news, the Ibis Paint X is not available on Windows or Mac due to this software made only for the iOS and Android.

But don’t worry about it, the Ibis Paint X App can still be installed if you use a powerful emulator program. For more information, you can read more details here –

Once you learned about the method to install it from the given website, you can now proceed for the installation of this emulator program. Just make sure that you also read about the necessary requirements of an emulator program.

Which Emulator Program To Use For Running This App?

The Ibis Paint X app can be installed using Android and iOS emulator software. However, in this guide that is making, we will only focus on the Android emulator.

This is because the Android emulator is easier to install and a lot of them are free that will not charge you to before you can install it.

Now, if you ask us which emulator should you use and install. You can use either BlueStacks or Nox Player to run the Ibis Paint X app into your computer.

Both emulators are great for running this app especially the Nox Player since it can fully utilize the usage of OpenGL and DirectX. Now, to get the Nox Player or BlueStacks emulator, you can read the guide below. Choosing any of the following will result in the same output: the installation of Ibis Paint X.

Installing the Emulator Program

Now, to install the emulator software, you can either choose Nox Player or BlueStacks. You can even install both of these emulators into your computer. However, we will advise you that you only need one to run the Ibis Paint X app on it.

Let us proceed to the installation guide, just use your Google search engine to find the installer of Nox Player or BlueStacks emulator.

Once you found the website, download the installer and then save it to your computer or laptop. After that, launch the emulator installer to start it.

Both of these emulators will require you to accept its terms and conditions so you must do it before you can click the install button.

In case you are using BlueStacks emulator, it will connect to the internet before you can install it so make sure you are connected to a stable one.

For Nox Player, it will download the full installer so it won’t require the internet anymore once you finished downloading it into your computer.

Now, assuming that you have installed either of them successfully, there will be a desktop shortcut on your Windows or Mac. Just double click its icon to start it.

After that, go to the Play Store and you must supply it with the correct detail of your Google account. In case you don’t have it, you can create one easily from their website and after that, use it to login and use the Play Store.

Next, is to start searching for the Ibis Paint X. To find it easily, you can use the PlayStore search function and then click the download button to install it.

Downloading the Ibis Paint will take only a minute or two so be patient. Now when you finished the installation, check the App drawer of the emulator you are using.

You will find the shortcut of this application inside it. For BlueStacks, it will also create a desktop shortcut which you can also use for running this software easily.

Now Congratulations you have completed the installation of this software into your computer. You can now start painting and creating cool drawings on it.

Final Thoughts

An emulator software is a wonderful choice if you want to run exclusive apps from Android or iOS. With this method, you don’t have to wait for the official Windows or Mac version of this software to come out.