Top Tips to Select the Domain Names for Your Website

Select the Domain Names for Your Website

Selecting the right domain for your website is vital for the website’s success. If you pick the wrong domain name, it can hurt your search rankings and brand sentiments. That is why it is vital to choose the best domain name right from the beginning.

When you are only commencing your business, it is crucial to develop catchy business ideas, including the perfect domain name.

Here, in this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you pick the right domain ideas, register your new domain, and get adequate domain name ideas. 

Always opt for .com

Several domain name extensions are available today, such as the original, .org, .co, .net. Additionally, there are other niche-specific extensions, such as .blog, .photography, .pizza. We always recommend you always go with the .com domain. 

Even though it may be tempting to go with the clever blog names, using the new extensions, .com is indeed the most credible and established domain name extension. Newer extensions, such as .photography or .ninja, do not seem authentic.

The good thing with .com domains is that they are pretty memorable. Several users who are not as tech-savvy will automatically type .com at the end of the domain without even thinking it.

For instance, if your website is, and users accidentally type, they will see an error on the page and not be directed at; they will end up on an error page on website. Thus, to avoid losing on your potential traffic, it is best to stick with .com. 

‘An important reason you must stick to the .com extension is that many smartphone keyboards have a .com button,’ comments Jiah, an online reviewer who did the Schick vs Gillette review. 

Brand name

Your domain name must be the reflection of your brand and vice versa. Brands usually take a lot of time to develop. Hence, including the unique brand name in the domain can help you gain recognition, stand out, and increase your website visits. ‘When you create the domain name and brand name, do ensure that you do not use any existing trademarks or brand name,’ comments Jessica, a reviewer who did the review for the tiny house composting toilet.

Keep it easy to type

Picking a domain name, which is relatively easy to type, can be quintessential to your brand’s online success. If you use words with several multiple spellings (such as xpress vs. express), or slang words (u instead of you), it can be difficult for your customers to search for your website.   

Ensure that it is memorable

Several millions of registered domain names exist on the internet. Thus, having a domain name, which is memorable and catchy is vital. After you have decided on the name, you can share it with your close friends or family members for their feedback. If it makes sense to them and seems appealing, you are good to go. If not, keep thinking. 

Ensure that it pronounceable

Even though users are not pronouncing your domain name out loud, its pronounceability is vital. This is possibly because of the processing fluency, that is, the ease with which the brain can process information. Names, which do not require the visitor to give a lot of thought are practically the easiest to remember and are most likely going to invoke positive associations. 

See, you have lost the game if you have to spell the brand name to the other person. If people continually misspell the domain name because it is tough to figure out, you may lose potential traffic.

Usually, people tend to give up on the brand’s site, and they do not have the desire or time to test multiple Google searches of different probable spellings. There is a simple lesson to learn here – Make sure that the brand is easy to pronounce for the customers. 

Use keywords in the domain search name

Keywords have a vital role to play in the domain name. By adding the keywords in the domain name, you let the search engine know what your website is about. Together with the good user experience and top-notch content, keywords in the domain can help you rank it higher on the search engine.

It may be challenging for you to find a domain that gas your target keywords and is not taken already. You must be creative and attempt to combine the keywords with some other words, making your domain name stand out. 

Keep it short, but not too short

The shortness of the domain name is usually synonymous with it being memorable and very simple. However, if it is too short, it can have a negative impact at times. For instance, if your decided website name is, but to shorten it, you keep Because of the abbreviation used, the PastaSci becomes more challenging to remember and pronounce. So, the thing about all these aspects before deciding on the domain name.