How to get Install and Set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop

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Let us know how to install and install QuickBooks Mac desktop. Developing software has shown significant differences in the configuration of Mac and Windows systems. It is necessary to use software that agrees with your system otherwise it will eliminate errors that may affect the workflow. The QuickBooks Mac desktop is specifically designed for small and medium-sized business owners and is specifically tailored for Mac users who offer certain features to keep their accounting software running smoothly.

How to Install QuickBooks Mac Desktop

Prepare the Installer

  • Firstly, download the QuickBooks Software from the Intuit website.
  • Get the QuickBooks Support website then select your mac version else the CD Installer used.
  • If you are facing the issues so you may require to clear a browser cache or cookies or preferably use a different browser when you are trying to download the installer.
  • When you download the setup from the website.
  • Next, get that location where QuickBooks software is saved. For the run installation process to double-click on the QB executable file.
  • Complete the extraction of the file, then click yes to all and you can follow this link when you want to know how to update my data to a new version of QuickBooks Desktop. When you know about it already, prompt to overwrite to existing extracted files.
  • After that, click on the start of the installation.
  • Then, you read the software license agreement. Choose I accept the terms in the license agreement when you agree.
  • Next, the license and product number are entered and click next.
  • After that, select the installation type for the computer.
  • Express: You can permit the installer to make the suggested choice for you with the help of express. If you have one including replacing your previous version of QuickBooks.
  • It does not replace older years by default the accountant edition.
  • Custom and Network Options: If you will be utilizing multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop on the Desktop so you can choose this option. Or if you will utilize QuickBooks to share data with other users on a network.
  • Then, Choose where you will be using QuickBooks.
  • In the previous step, you select express so you can skip the next step only.
  • On this computer, I will be using QuickBooks.
  • If you are not using QuickBooks in a system then select this option. For running QuickBooks, if you installing the on a mac that will be utilized. But you will not store the company file.
  • On this computer, I will be using QuickBooks and storing our company file here. Over the network, it can be shared. If you will be running the QB, select this option. From this machine, storing and sharing the company file on the system.
  • On this mac, I will not be utilized the QuickBooks. I will be storing and sharing the company file here. So, it can be shared the file over the QB network and the license is not required for this option. If no one will be utilizing QB on this mac so select this option. And will be used as a file server to share the company file over the network.
  • To install at the default directory click next. If you want to select the older version then you can simply browse the directory and select the location and then click to next proceed.
  • From last, click install continue. If you need to go back and review any of the previous screens so then click back.
  • Activate QuickBooks, after complete installation and all setup it.

How to Set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop

  • Firstly, Open the multi-user folder.
  • Then, to the application folder drag the QuickBooks server icon.
  • After that Click on the authenticate to change the application folder and then enter the Administrative username and password then click it.
  • Launch the QB, then open your company file. 

Limitations of Mac for QB Desktop

  • No Mobile access to data: From mobile phones, QuickBooks online you can not access your data. Though you want to have the software installed on your computer in QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  • Technical Support Limited: Unlimited tech support for 30 days but afterward you have to purchase a support plan to get QuickBooks support.
  • Three user license maximum: The users can purchase two additionally license only with the two user license comes up QuickBooks for mac.

Advantages of Mac for QB

There are many advantages of using QuickBooks Mac Desktop like-

  • User-Friendly: The interface of QuickBooks Mac Desktop is user-friendly. It is easy to install and set up and navigate if you don’t have an accounting background.
  • More features for the same cost: For one-time investment cost, QuickBooks mac desktop offers many advanced features.
  • When you need to get help: You can find a bookkeeper or accountant who is familiar with QuickBooks for Mac if you need help setting up your business or you have questions.


You know how to install and set up QuickBooks Mac Desktop. I hope this blog helps you must easily download the QuickBooks Mac Desktop and use it. You want more help or information related to this blog then you call our QuickBooks Support toll-free phone number and speak to our expert team.