Skills to Master for the New CompTIA A+ Exam

comptia a+ certification

Currently, CompTIA A+ certification is internationally recognized as an independent vendor-neutral credential that many employers consider to be a prerequisite for basic computer work. However, A+ certification means that a person can perform all cloud relevant tasks such as setting up, configuring, and solving common computer system issues. So what are the new CompTIA A+ certification exam and what skills does any IT team or individual need to learn? CompTIA A+ certification, launched in 1993, is considered as the backbone of the computer career, and ideal for IT professionals at all levels, it covers a wide range of IT sectors. As of July 2019, A+ 220-901 and 220-902 certification tests will be formally revoked, though such modifications are reviewed around every three years to accommodate the development and information services, and the new Core series of A+ has replaced tests 901 and 902. The series of A+ Core contains CompTIA 220-1001 and 220-1002 tests, and in order to obtain CompTIA certification training is a must thing to do.

What is CompTIA?

CompTIA (Computing-Technology-Industry-Association) is recognizing as a non-profit platform for IT professionals and known for its training and vendor certification in the IT sector. However, there are more than 200 IT-vendors in the organization, and CompTIA members include more than 9,500 US cloud professionals. CompTIA A+ certification is a significant benchmark for the IT industry and this year has undergone major changes that will be discussing here accordingly.

New in the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

The new CompTIA A+ exam requires the IT professionals to have enhanced knowledge of networking, and cloud computing. Though the earlier focus on Windows hardware and software is now in balance with these additional areas of intervention:
 Computer security elemental funds, including physical and logical security, as well as materials such as malware spotting and separation
 Configure and support Internet hardware and related data protocols
 Manage the internet connection and device
 Basic ideas for malware recognition experts
 Solve confidentiality issues, particularly G.D.P.R
 Disaster hindrance and recuperation

Skills to Master for the CompTIA A+ Exam

The two CompTIA A+ certification exams (1001 and 1002) covers the core area of IT professionals, and these domains are then subdivided into much more detailed subdomain. However, the tests themselves are a mixture of multiple-choice questions and based on questions to see tangible use of common technical problems, thus each exam contains 90 questions that must be accomplished within 90 minutes. Following are special areas that one should focus on as to prepare for the new CompTIA A+ certification exams:

Mobile Devices:

The teams of information technology are increasingly controlling the applications’ mobile phones. However, one needs to know how to set up and configure the laptop’s hardware components and how to solve the most basic problems with most laptops. Additionally, cell phones go beyond laptops, and examiners need to know their features and learn how to set up tablets, smartphones, electronic-readers, and GPS devices.


The study focuses on the hardware side of the network, comparing the most common network devices such as switches, clappers, and firewalls. One also wants to learn about wireless Internet protocol and network configuration concepts.


The CompTIA’s 1001 exam requires information about installing and configuring processors, motherboards, RAM and peripherals, as well as wiring information for those devices, such as can you identify the RJ-45 cables and connectors you need to support your overall Ethernet set up?
Virtualization And Cloud Computing: Although one needs to demonstrate the knowledge of basic computing cloud concepts, such as common cloud models and virtual desktops, the exam also offers virtual page set-up and a virtualization scenario cross wisely.

Hardware and Network Troubleshooting:

With all the hardware and network issues that come up in the workplace, computer technicians are first in line, not only will a person be able to study best practices and solve common problems, one will not only succeed in the 220-1001 exam but will also be at work and practicing for the CompTIA certification training.

Operating Systems:

People now turn to the 220-1002 exam for the required skills, which begin by learning basic operating systems, including Microsoft-Windows, Linux, and Mac-OS. An individual need to know the methods of installation and upgrade, tools for command-line, along with solutions to common operating system problems.


Learn how to protect computers and office networks with security measures for hosting and networking with the help of CompTIA certification training, such as encryption, site checking, and malware removal. One should also know the basics of physical security to protect the hardware.
Software Troubleshooting: In order to evaluate the understanding of the software and operating systems one is likely to work closely with, the CompTIA A+ 1002 exam that provides common scenarios that one will be supposed to solve, such as, as computer performance, execution, and performance. tablet battery or impression problems.

Operational Procedures:

Technical engineers inevitably face demanding data tasks, and this is required to manage inventory, recommend and comply with regulations, and treat toxic stuff, including many other best practices that can be supposed to affect the department of IT.

Why Get A+ certified?

Concerning the industry of information technology that is based on cloud certification, it is determined that people who have been working in this field for over 25 years are still obtaining advanced certifications. They are a measure of the general level of experience, and if the IT world is certificate-based, CompTIA A+ certification should be the first credential in the IT process, in fact, CompTIA A+ certification is counting up as one of the top 10 CIO’s certifications in the cloud file. For IT Professionals: considering as a type of certification that gives you access to business. However, certification names are often used as recruitment criteria and as open-source employment software programs, even when candidates are re-hired without the CompTIA A+ certification, it is often observed that employers asking for a new employee to pass the CompTIA A + exam within the first six months of work as part of the job, which is known from the IT tool kit. For IT executives: their knowledge of most of the skills required for the company’s IT projects or any IT business can impact the organization after being certified in the industry respectively.