4 Reasons Why The Vacuum Cleaner Does Not Suck The Dust


Cleaning once every two weeks or every other day is everyone’s choice, but we can’t help but agree that a vacuum cleaner plays a powerful role in this ritual. And if you suddenly go out of service and ask the question “Why doesn’t the new best vacuum cleaner suck up the dust?” Doesn’t it come out of my head? Sweeping the house with a broom is not an option. The following article lists the reasons for the failure of the harvesting device, detection methods and solutions.

What Happens If The Vacuum Does Not Suck? We Are Looking For The Cause Of Failure:

The essential without panic .the source of such failure can be very easy to eliminate and thinking of the worst is always a success. First of all, you need to determine the reason why the vacuum cleaner does not vacuum dust or not at all. The most common are:

The trash bag is full. You must then replace it with a new one if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with disposable containers, or clean it if it is reusable. For example, a plastic dust collector only needs cleaning when it fills.

The filter is blocked after pre-cleaning. It can be rinsed, washed or replaced (depending on the material it is made of).mechanical damage. For example, a brush can break or break a hose, which reduces the suction power of the unit. These parts can be replaced with new ones. Engine failure No attempt should be made to correct this problem, so it is recommended that you contact the service center.

Complete Dust Collector:

Dust collector overflow: the common reason why the vacuum cleaner draws a lot. And to deal with it in the simplest way. If the vacuum cleaner is a plastic container, it is recommended to clean it and clean it first with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth the baggy type cleaner is even easier to clean – just replace the tank at once with a new one. But if reusable microfiber or cloth bags are used, they should be shaken and washed. Clean the dust container as it is dirty. In this case, the question will not arise why the vacuum cleaner sucks so badly.

Clogged filter:

First of all, it is necessary to know which filters the combine is equipped with. In standard dry cleaning models, there are usually two:

Primary, ensuring the absorption of dust;

HEPA filter, which does not allow allergens and microparticles to enter the air

HEPA filters are disposable and reusable. In the first case, by accumulating dirt, the old one must be replaced by a new one and continue to use the vacuum cleaner successfully. In the second version, it is recommended to completely shake the tank on the street (not inside).

Mechanical Equipment Damage:

The reason a vacuum cleaner can vacuum can also be minor external and internal failures. May be:

  • crack in pipe or hose
  • A large lump in the body, which damages the “interiors” of the vacuum cleaner;
  • Broken brush

The easiest way out of such situations is to replace the broken part of the device with a new one. It doesn’t take long and you will use it immediately. Alternatively, the unit must be assigned to the service for the diagnosis of the rupture and its elimination.

Damage To The Engine:

This is why the vacuum cleaner does not “pull” the most serious dust at all. And besides, in this case, the own activity should not be shown. If such a failure is detected, you should immediately contact the service to repair it in time. The final solutions to this problem are the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner. If this still happens, there are many inexpensive quality vacuum cleaners out there today (for example, I can recommend the Bissell 9595a vacuum). Careful maintenance of any device is an integral part of its operation. And since the technique is whimsical and demanding in itself, it must be carefully treated. This also applies to vacuum cleaners. After all, in today’s world, this gadget is used very often. A small crack in the pipeline or the clogging of the dust bag can turn the cleaning into incredible torture.