The Evolution of Logo Design Trends with Technology!

Evolution of Logo Design
Written by Alisa Bronwen

Logo has always been a part of businesses’ identity. It plays an important role in establishing the brand and introducing it to the potential buyers. Since logo has been the first introduction of any brand always, it was always considered essential for good branding. However, with the development of marketing strategies and marketing platforms, logo became even more important. In the present day, logo has given a lot more importance than the past times. That is because businesses can reach out to a huge audience body simply with a good logo.

As the importance of the logo increased with time, the businesses became more competitive about their logos and different logo designing techniques were introduced. In the past times, logo designs were complex and tricky. The more a logo will look intricate and complicated, the better. But then, gradually such trends fad away. Now, the current trends in logo designing are made to be suitable for the use of current marketing platforms.

In toady’s world, marketing platforms are mostly digital and this is why the logo trends are made to suit the digital platforms. The logo designs nowadays need to be fitting for the website as well as the product packaging and other advertisement and marketing platforms. The trends of logo design are not the only aspect of logo that has been influenced by the technology development. The designing techniques and tools have also been changed with time and technological development. These tools reshaped the designing style and provided the designers with many new options for designing.

The influence of the change in marketing strategies, invention of online marketing platforms, and the technologically developed design tools brought in many logo design trends that were not there before. Businesses use these trends to make a logo design that will fulfil all the business needs conveniently. Here is a look at the current trends of logo designing that are different from old design trends in logo.

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Minimalist Design Trends

In the older times, logos were designed to look highly artistic and thus, they were complicated. However, in the current times, the design trends are inclined toward minimalist styles. Logo designers choose simple designs that will reflect the business values in a straightforward manner. Everything from color themes in the logos to font styles have become so simple. Logo designers prefer keeping less design elements in the design.

 This trend is suitable for the marketing needs of the current era because the simple logo designs can easily be used on all types of marketing platforms effectively. Changing the size or the format of the logo design that is simple is easier. Also, a simple design does not become vague when condensed.

Interactive Logo Designs

Logo designs need to be more interactive in order to have a separate identity in today’s competition. Interactive logo designs help customers build a connection with the logo design and keep it memorized. Interactive logo designs make stronger emotional connections with the audience and have a lasting impact. The technique to design an interactive logo is to use different design tools and technique that will evoke response from the audience.

Endorsing Social Values

Logo designs these days are made to endorse different social values that align well with the business’s own values. For instance, a business that is somehow related to wildlife will make a logo that would endorse social values that are related to animal or plant safety and nature’s love. This makes the logo more likeable for the masses and spreads awareness as well. People build a very positive perception of brands that have a logo expressing positive values.

Heightened Memorability

The market competition has increased a lot with the industrial revolution and every product is being sold by hundreds of different brands. Now, the potential buyers mostly go for those brands that have strong marketing strategy and a logo design that the buyers find familiar. This is why businesses want their logos to be highly memorable nowadays. Logo designers have come up with design strategies and techniques that enhance the memorability of a logo design.


The modern logo designers focus on making a logo versatile because now, the logo is used at different platforms including print media, online markets, social media, and so on. Versatility in logo design refers to the design techniques that make a logo design good for all marketing platforms. The size of the logo, the color, the text/font style, and the overall design must be suitable for all the platforms. A versatile logo would look perfect no matter at which platform it is being used.

Animation in Logo Designing

Animation is the new technology and it is making its way in all the disciplines. Logo designing is no exception to animation trends. Animated logos are one of the gifts of hi-tech logo design tools and they are suitable for effective online markets as they grab the attention immediately. Animated logos have all the characteristics that a good logo should have.

Logos powered by animation are highly memorable and they stick to the minds because of their uniqueness. They are more interactive as well.  The only lacking that this trend has is that it is not versatile because it cannot be used on offline platforms. Yet, it is more than perfect for all online platforms including social media and business websites.

Brand Individuality

Logo designs have always been designed to build an identity for the brands but the need for businesses to stand out has grown so big in the current era. This is why businesses have started to focus on the individuality of the brand a lot more than they used to do in the past. Logo designers have become more creative and they can style a logo to have optimum individuality. Logos are filled with business messages that will build a strong business persona that will be noticed.

These all are the few logo trends that are followed these days by the logo designer. All these trends are shaped in accordance with the needs of the current times.

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