Instagram Is Getting Positive Results By The New Feature Of Fresh Analytics And Promote For Stories

Instagram New Feature
Written by Alisa Bronwen

Recently, Instagram shared the news that they are launching some new features for their social media platform by the name of Promote for Stories and the advanced or fresh page analytics.

In a press release, John Twist of Facebook said that the Facebook Analytics was designed to make the marketers able to know more about the content they are sharing with the audience, the strategies for their channel, and the impact it has on their real business outcomes.

The Facts are presented in this way:

“Promote for stories”

According to Facebook, the future of the social media platform is through the stories feature. Facebook and Instagram both are providing the marketers some more advanced features to advertise the products and target the right followers through these new features related to the stories. Just like the feature named as an Ephemeral feature through which the marketers can string the videos and images together in a single post in the stories of users, Promote for stories is also a tool for the marketers to get their ads and posts reach more users stories than before.

As the number of daily active users of Instagram is getting increased day by day, and among these users, there are 2 million advertisers that are paying the social site for advertising and promoting their products in a limited budget. Most of these advertisers are of small businesses and they cannot afford huge budgets for advertising their products. While this new feature of Promote for Stories will help all these advertisers to better reach their target market and it assists the image sharing app to perform well. Instagram and Facebook, both apps are trying to make the stories section interesting and entertaining and do not want to bombard it with the ads in the audience feed. So they are working to provide better options for the advertisers to be more creative and interesting with the content that is to be shared in the stories section.

“Advanced Page Analytics”

With the constant growth in the number of active users of Instagram, just like the Facebook Analytics, Instagram is also working on the Instagram Analytics that can provide the marketers a help to better analyze the engagement of the audience with their posts and to keep a track of their audiences.

This software tool will help the marketers to get a better tracking system for the website clicks, new followers, impressions, and story exit. These all things are useful for the marketers to get better result of the lifetime value analysis, to check the retention rate, to get the information of audience overlap, and the Facebook likes or downloads of the app. Apart from this, there are many other features to help them get better results from the data through which they can easily get the track of their audience and their engagement with the products. Through this tool, marketers may know about their ad campaign impacts on the users and also this will help them to adjust their strategies to get better results and improved performance.

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