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Generally speaking, we tend to go to Yelp or Google to try to get a sense of the cleaning service we are about to hire. Unfortunately, not many users go the extra mile in researching in depth about a company.

Maids by Trade’s offices have been popping left and right in recent days, with that said, that doesn’t mean that they must be trusted. Their business model, according to the franchisor Purple Forte, calls for each office to be independently owned and operated. Upon an investigations, this is what was found:

Independently Owned Franchises

Upon reaching out to the franchisor, we found out that each office is independently owned and operated. We also checked the registrations with each state. Furthermore, some websites that offer cleaning franchises also confirmed that fact that each office operated independently, and not corporate franchises.

An Extensive Service Guarantee

Rather often, we identify known brands; and just because it’s the same brand, that doesn’t mean that they operate under the same standards or guarantees. The brand implemented through its franchisor, an uniformed Service Guarantee to be used and adopted (under contract), by every existing and future Maids by Trade offices. Any house cleaning review Maids by Trade receives, is likely to be triggered by its high standards of service.

Uniformed Customer Service Standards

With Maids by Trade you can expect each office to deliver the same customer service standards from each location. This way, as a consumer, you don’t have to wonder if a particular office does one thing or another. Think of it as a Starbucks, you can get the same drink, regardless of location or even country. Maids by Trade’s franchisor has implemented all key elements of the house cleaning brand to offer uniform customer service.

Top Quality Guarantee

Maids by Trade guarantees every house cleaning work done by the company. That is something that is expected from a service provider nowadays; however, many companies still operate separately from their franchisors or the main brand. So your next house cleaning review should take in consideration the standards set forth by the service provider.

In conclusion, we all know how it feels writing a house cleaning review, but, more importantly, we have to do it because it feels good providing feedback, not just for a cleaning service; we should do it for other providers or products we buy. This will help companies create or design products or services with consumer feedback in consideration. There you have it… go write as many reviews as possible. You will feel better, I guarantee it.

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