A Closer Look at House Cleaning Franchise Maids by Trade

Written by RiyaJain

Don’t you want to hire a reputable house cleaning franchise? Literally, a house cleaning franchise built on a spotless reputation. Well, Maids by Trade is just that; under the domain of house cleaning franchisor Purple Forte; an oregon born company, in the heart of beautiful Portland Oregon. In Fortino’s garage, back in 1997.

A Brand With Humble Beginnings

The brand was created by Fortino Barajas, in his Portland home. Over the years, the brand gained notoriety online, and eventually expanded to other markets in states like Oregon, Washington, Arizona, etc. The company focuses on working with individuals that already have experience in the cleaning industry.

To this date, Maids by Trade leads on social media, a popular blog on the company’s website and other public platforms. All it takes, is a quick Google search with a right click for “Maids by Trade” and see the results.

An Eco-Responsible Approach

Maids by Trade prides itself in using green cleaning products in the cleaning process. In fact, the company developed the rigorous standard, “Tru-Green Clean System”. This is used to help the environment, reduce the use of water, reuse, recycle and even eliminate toxic cleaning products. Furthermore, the Tru-Green Clean System also eliminates the risks of cross contamination, which is something that occurs when cleaning tools are used in different houses by their cleaning crews. Maids by Trade is the first company to implement this system with their clients in mind.

A Business Committed with the Society

Since its very beginnings, Maids by Trade has been a very active community member. They participate in local trade shows, give back to the community by providing free house cleaning services to women battling cancer, and other forms of contribution to local causes. Enough to check the company’s website under the “Giving Back” tab.

A Fair Opportunity for Franchisees

Well, we are used to go to the franchisor’s website and see the 3 typical options, but, what does that mean? Is it fair just because it’s presented to us in that 3-tier format?

Here is the truth. Not every franchise presented in that format offers the best deal; in fact, upon taking a closer look, you can see that these are meant for large investors or are likely to be single sided “deals”. Purple Forte offers crystal clear transparency when offering franchises, and during the entire process of becoming a franchisee.

Bottom line; pick carefully. Ask as many questions as possible. You need to be able to feel understood, and that you can rely on your next business partner. Think about it; it has to be a brand Built on a Spotless Reputation. Got it?

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