Top Two Social Media Optimization Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Written by Alisa Bronwen

Social media and SEO are inseparable because these strategies are intrinsically interlinked and interwoven deeply. These effective inbound stratagems concentrate on building a robust online presence that attracts more and more people to your brand and therefore, boosts overall traffic to your website. When you have a robust social media presence, your search rankings are bound to be enhanced. Here are some smart social media optimization tips for driving more traffic to your site hence, boost your overall website ranking.

Take Effective Steps to Integrate Social Media into Your Site

For promoting your brand, and for boosting your overall online presence, it is essential to effectively combine your website and social media endeavors. You would be able to make the most of the social networking on your precise company website simply by adopting four effective measures. Here are some important tips for perfect integration of social media into your business website.

  • Incorporate social sharing buttons strategically on your website as it is the most effective and simplest way in which you could integrate your social media presence into your website.
  • Incorporate direct web links into your social networking platforms from your website and then from your specific social networking profile effectively back to your company website. Moreover, you could consider incorporating social sharing buttons option on your company blog posts.
  • Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google Plus etc. actually have a high degree of web authority hence, links on these prominent social media platforms are regarded as higher-quality links. Even a relatively new social media profile could get enhanced rankings in the Search Engine Ranking Page simply because Facebook enjoys a high authority.
  • Users should be allowed to log-in or sign-up using social logins. By incorporating this special feature into your official/company website functionality, a much-enhanced user experience or UX could be ensured. You would be experiencing a boost in registration conversions.

Concentrate on Keywords

For ensuring maximum exposure to all your existing social media profiles it is mandatory to align your social media and precisely your keywords. Remember that keywords play a pivotal role in driving more traffic to your site. It is necessary to optimize your unique social media profiles effectively and then chalk out an improved social media strategy. You may seek the professional assistance from Stormlikes for best traffic-boosting solutions.

You could strategically structure your target key phrases and keywords into your social media page or profile details such as company info, page name etc. However, you must inject these keywords in a natural manner or else, it would look promotional and spammy. By including strategically some foundation-level keywords in your page would help you in gaining enhanced visibility in the Google keyword searches.


We have discussed the top two tips for boosting exposure, driving more traffic, and enhancing overall SERP rankings. You must follow a few other tips like posting micro-blogs and generating high-quality content on a regular basis to drive more and more people to your website and boost your overall domain authority. Do not ever forget that your social media is certainly an extension of all your SEO endeavors and intensely impacts your brand identity, reach, online presence, and overall popularity.

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