Approaches To Enhance Your Character Animation By Using Character Animation Video Creators

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Written by Alisa Bronwen

Believe it or not, we are encompassed by different kinds of animations in different shape, nowadays. Call it an animation movie or an animated TV show or even an animated commercial for any product or service. There are so many types of animations surrounding us, which make you wonder how this creation can take place.

To let you know, there are many character animation video creators on the internet now, the animation creators, which different animators & illustrator use to enhance their skills.

But what are the points that can make your character very unique, the requirements that can improve your animation video? So, following are the approaches you can prefer by using any character animation video creators on the internet.

Mostly today, 3D animation is applied, but you can likewise connect these approaches to create more physical sort of character as well.

First, You Must Watch Carefully How Real-Life Characters Are:

Making your animation character close to a real-life character can be a very difficult task. For many people, it may appear a basic thing to go through, yet those unpretentious subtleties that can convey a true, real to life feeling of any character are achieved by many steps. Giving a genuine sentiment on a character face of thought behind every development can be created by some practice.

So you need to watch different individuals, you need to notice how they communicate, how they convey their language and even how they move around. By observing some movements you can pick up a decent understanding of what emotions, you need to focus.

Second, Concentrate On The Psychology of Character Movement:

If you want a perfect animation character, you need to know how you can genuinely imitate somebody. You need to understand and research on not only the movements or developments but also to the procedure of what that movement is aiming for. You need to know the actions and reaction of your character. (Not recommending you drop everything and go on a psychological analysis program). However, you need to understand the human emotions and expressions.

Understanding the points of expressions and reaction behind why he/she got angry, and when he/she is happy and smiling, will assist you to make your own animation character.

Third, You Need To Search Good & Real-world References:

When it comes to focus and animate your character’s face, it’s necessary to have a strong connection, a real-world reference. Many character animation video creators can provide you with the basic face structure but making them real in your work.  If you talk about the animation specialists, the best animators would refer to record and focus on the face first as they set out further on the sound for their characters.

If this can’t be your choice then why not use your own face for reference? Sitting in front of the mirror and saying different words can easily get you the key articulations to give your character a decent beginning stage to work.

Forth & Final, You Can Start By Filming Yourself As The Character:

If you are not getting a good vibe for the way your animation character is moving, you can animate yourself.  Sitting at a work area, and finding different online animation references can never be enough for a good result. To see and feel how and why a character should move, you can try to record yourself as a start. You can record yourself giving different expressions or only by just talking, sharing memories and you can see how your facial expressions are changing and moving. Deliver an emotional or a normal scene yourself, and regardless of how unpleasant and irritating this start might be, by recording yourself you can then get a square to work over animation.

Nowadays, most of us have either a camera or cell phones in our pockets. So simply utilizing your cell phones for creating a short video or so, you can then imitate that outcome to your animation character.


Only by understanding these four basic approaches to creating an animation character, can get you started on your first animation. Moreover, by practicing and experimenting you can get better and better results.

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