Why iOS 12 is the safest mobile operating system that exists

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Written by Alisa Bronwen

The launch of iOS 12, which will most likely take place in September, generates illusion. Already in WWDC at the beginning of June, as soon as the developers could start downloading their first beta, it was seen that maybe it was not going to be a system like iOS 11, which generated so much excitement.

IOS 12 does not promise drastic or brutal changes, at least in sight. What it deludes is that it can be a much more secure and solid system. In fact, Tim Cook does not stop talking about the virtues that must have an iPhone or iPad or you can hire iPhone app development agency, making them stable elements and rejecting outright the marketing of data.

What will iOS 12 have in terms of security?

Safari will warn

And it will do it with pop-up windows when there is one of the pages in which you find you want to collect your data. The latest scandal in which Facebook was involved in the treatment of user data is not a good taste for anyone and less for Apple. To know more, remember the article we published about it a few months ago.


At the moment it is something that would only be available in the United States, although the forecast will be to extend it. When making a call to emergency services, they would automatically receive the approximate location from which the call was made. In cases of rescues or accidents, it could mean a vital time gain. We explain it in a deeper way in this article.

Simpler login

There is no doubt that two-factor authentication is very secure, maybe too much. Many times it is a hassle to have to memorize that six-digit code. The new option that is shuffled would be just as safe, but simpler. It would be a message that upon receipt, is automatically accepted by the system to provide authentication.

More difficult to violate

The strips and loosen with the FBI and the refusal of Apple to provide security forces with the way to unblock them, has made many American departments have opted for the purchase of the famous boxes, which connected to the port lightning, get access to iOS in a short time. That is why iOS 12 promises that it is almost impossible to access an iPhone or iPad by this means if the phone has not been unlocked in an hour.

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