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A chartered accountant is meant to take care of auditing accounts and provide valid and trustworthy information about financial records. This may involve maintaining records of finances, taxes, audit, forensic accounting, devising ways for the recovery of business and insolvency. They also take care of accounting for systems and processes. You will be one of the professionally qualified accountants in your team and your services will be in great demand. You will be responsible to provide your employer or clients with advice or ideas that increase their profits and they will be having a choice like in which sector you want to devote yourself and use your skills sets for the profit of the organization. After learning about the important position few of you may be thinking of how to become a chartered accountant and live a high status. To get complete information about the chartered accountant jobs to read the post till the end.

Role of a chartered accountant in a firm

  • They help in following rules and regulation of tax and help to abide by them. This includes cooperating with the government authority. They also help to represent clients in the court. They ensure smoothly running of business by dealing with tax. Let’s take an example, in the absence of CA. Some of the typical changes like GST will be difficult to implement.


  • Finances, they help the company by creating opportunities like arranging finance for the business. They provide their help by making calculations quickly and they convince banks about the creditworthiness of the budding entrepreneur. And if we talk on a large scale the CA working with investment banks help to attract and crack some key business deals between the organizations.


  • Auditing is done to prevent leakages from the economy and stay clear so as to have a regular check on making of illegal properties, frauds, black money etc. it is usually done monthly or quarterly or yearly or may involve a combination of any of these.


  • Accounting ensures combining professional standards of accounting so as to change business environment and include new developments in business. This ensures reliability, comparability, and trust of investor, which is good for growth and economy both.


  • They also help in general business support like consulting services. They can do the tasks very easily because of in-depth knowledge about the laws, taxes, banking investments financial markets, valuations, regulations etc.

Educational qualification

Students after completing class 10th exam can register for CPT but can appear for the test after successful completion of 12th class. The graduates of commerce background having50% marks and the non-commerce graduates who don’t have Mathematics as their subject must secure an aggregate of 55% marks. And those non-commerce graduates with Math must secure an aggregate of 60% marks and they are also exempted from the Common Proficiency Test (CPT). And they are permitted to register for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC) and appear for the same.

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