Top 7 medical Apps for your end-to-end healthcare solutions

Written by Sara Johnson

Healthcare is now getting revamped in Pakistan. With a number of startups initiated and the kind of facilities being introduced in the area, Pakistanis are contributing to improve the overall status of healthcare services in the country. The use of technology has further improved these services. Online portals and mobile applications have made it a lot easier to access healthcare services. Following are the top healthcare mobile applications that provide end-to-end solutions to your medical and healthcare needs.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

Pharmapedia is the first pharmaceutical solution of its kind. Its provides the prices, dosage, side effects and other particulars of the medicines. For instant information about the drugs and medicines, this is the app that has all answers for you. However, the information is all given in pure pharmaceutical/medical language and is not explained in layman terms. If the information is somewhat simplified for the common people to understand, this application can potentially attract a lot more users because of the utility it offers. is an emerging digital healthcare solution that has got it all for you. Users can find a doctor, book online appointments and find nearest emergency centers, keeping them from the hassle of moving from one place to another.  It also connects you to the blood donors in the urgent hours of need. This is one app which not only caters to the needs of the patients but of doctors as well. If you are a doctor, you can manage all your appointments, meetings and other details with this easy-to-use app. also has its own online discussion forums where people can connect to doctors to get the answers of all their medical queries. This is the only platform that has collaborated with trusted and credible pharmacies and labs, facilitating the delivery of prescribed medicines at your doorstep and conducting diagnostic tests at homes. The website keeps medical records as well, allowing the users to access and manage their medical histories. With these features, is an end-to-end solution that meets all your medical needs. was launched in 2016, and within this short period, this healthcare startup has proved its potential and has shown that their mission is to revolutionize healthcare in Pakistan through the delivery of convenient and timely services. The app already has 1000 plus downloads and a number of good reviews from the users as well.


Healthwire is a specialized forum for dental services. Here you can find the nearby dentists and book your appointments. Users can sign up at healthwire and keep a record of their appointments and other dental history.


Marham is another online healthcare solution in Pakistan. Their social media forums have been found to be engaging, with active participation from people in general. With their user-friendly application, Marham digitally connects patients and doctors. Users can find the doctors through hospital names, through specialty or through the diseases or problems. Not only it gives you the list of relevant doctors upon searching that way, it also includes other information about them, like the location of the doctor, their qualification and reviews of other patients.

As the name implies, enables you to find relevant doctor and book an appointment on your phone. Now you no longer need to wait for hours for your turn when u visit a doctor at a clinic or a hospital. This app also features reviews and feedback for you to better evaluate your options.

Paak Health

Paak Health mobile application is loaded with all the required healthcare features and the interface is simple and user friendly. Users can access healthcare facilities through this application all over the country. The distinguishing feature of this start-up is that it particularly focuses on rural areas of the country.

Check out these applications and experience the ease and convenience that these applications promise.

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