FreeJe Mobile App – Making Cheap International Calls Possible

Written by Sara Johnson

Ever since the evolution of social media, connectivity has improved to a whole new level and the world has moved closer to globalization. However, there’s a huge gap of effective communication that needs to be bridged in order to reap the desired results. Effective communication is the backbone of a successful business and without making certain efforts to improve it, businesses cannot survive in the extremely tough competition.

In order to enhance the level of communication, certain mobile apps have been developed but a majority of them have not lived up to the expectations. However, Telecomax Ltd. – a leading mobile app development company – has introduced a one of a kind mobile application FreeJe that is making it possible to stay in contact regardless of the location. The FreeJe mobile app is an app for social networking lovers and business persons need to satisfy all their needs of staying connected with friends and peers. This app is available for both Android and iOS and it is absolutely free of cost. In this review, we will have a look at its features, layout, design, and the overall value it brings to the table. Let’s get started.


FreeJe offers all the features a nice social networking application should have. Using the app, users can buy a virtual phone number that can be used for business purposes and avoid roaming charges. One of the best benefits of a virtual phone number is that it can be managed as a real mobile number. The app uses SIP protocol to make the calls. Besides the virtual phone number, there are tons of other exciting features as well that can give your business a new boost. Within the app, you can set up a virtual fax number and receive your faxes online. You can set up call forwarding services, call waiting, one-time SMS number, virtual SMS number, disposable SMS for online verification, and create a call center as well. All of these features are just a few taps away. If you want to use it for making international calls, you will not find any app better than this with flawless voice quality. All you need to make sure is that you have sufficient balance in your app and you have a working internet connection.

Interactive Design

The design of this app is very simple and attractive. The login screen of the app consists of simple textboxes where you can easily enter your credentials including username and password. After successfully logging in to your account, you can explore the different features available in the app, activate or disable certain features that you don’t want to use anymore and even top up from the app.

Easy to Navigate Layout

The layout of the app gives you the option to easily navigate between menus. You can find the dial-up screen without any difficulty from where you can make international calls. For your convenience, the available balance is also displayed on the main screen so that you can always keep a track of it. The notifications bar of the app displays battery percentage, signals, and time.


The FreeJe mobile app provides better value to those who have to make international calls on a regular basis. The reviews this app has been received in the last couple of months speaks volumes about the good work the development team has done to ensure the better value of it.

No matter if you are a social networking freak or a businessperson working abroad, you should have a mobile app that lets you stay connected with all those who matter to you and FreeJe is the ideal choice. Download the app right away for both Android and iOS and experience what this app has to offer.

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