Top 10 Content Writing Techniques for SEO

Written by Alisa Bronwen

In lots of ways, you may create your blog and the beauty of writing it is that you can be as original and creative as you want. You may follow the rules and guidelines of other people, but you can try something new and run with it.
Just because other content writing services in Delhi are creating 500 words blog, it doesn’t mean you cannot create one of 2000 words. Just because other blogs have pictures, it doesn’t mean you can’t add 12 photos.
The freedom from restriction is something that makes blogging fun. Here are some of the techniques for blogging, but they are not the rules.

1-Keep the paragraphs sweet and short: If you are going to write long paragraphs, it will make your readers bore, and they will leave early. Unless the blog has some valuable information, there are little chances that reader will not go.

2-Do you switch from 1st, 2nd as well as 3rd perspective? This is very common because it can be spotted when you do it. Do you go from writing ‘I’ to ‘one’ to ‘we’? It is difficult to spot, and that’s why you must check each paragraph.

3-Don’t make silly mistakes of spellings: To avoid mistakes, it is better to check everything during the phase of writing. Be sensitive to the spelling mistakes while writing blogs.

4-Never use text talk: It means the language which is used by people on mobile texts. The language is only useful for mobiles but not appropriate for blogs. It will make the blog difficult to read.

5-Proofread the post after four or five days: It is even recommended by professional content writing company in Delhi like HubDigiTech that if you look at the post after few days, you might see what you have done wrong.

6-Proofread every line: This might seem excessive for the post of a blog since it doesn’t need to be perfect. You’ll see constant improvement in your writing if you’ll go through one line again and again. You may also hire best content writing services in Delhi to proofread.

7-Check for the contradictions: Never forget to check the content of the blog post. Some of the people will contradict themselves in different glaring or minor ways and be completely unaware of it.

8-Write about the things that are your passion: The good blogger should start with the content first. It means you need to have something to write before any other part of writing can begin. Write about the topic that you like.
9-Break the text when you proofread it: Cut the text into relevant sections and then proofread it individually. Make sure one section is perfect before starting the new one.
10-Run a grammar and spelling check: If you work on Microsoft Word, make sure to check on Grammarly. You’ll get to know about the mistakes.
If you want your blogs to be perfect, it is better to hire the professional content writing Company in Delhi which will help you to post everything correctly.

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