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Written by Jaymin Shah

Your logo is the first impression of your brand. This is the main reason why people are serious at the time of designing a logo, and a lot of people are hiring professional designers. Alternatively, with a lot of logo design services available in the market, you can find quite a few sites and apps that can be used to make yourself a quality logo. After surfing the internet and exploring multiple logo creators, we find DesignEvo logo maker worth a try. It is a web-based logo design tool that can help you craft a quality logo with little expense and effort.

Easy to use

DesignEvo focuses on simplicity, making logo design accessible for anyone to do. To get started with it is extremely easy. You don’t need to become a graphics expert to use it. Just enter at DesignEvo’s website, you can start your logo creation right away. It works super fast and does not require you to sign up before using its service.

Logo Templates

To ease the logo creation process, DesignEvo offers over 4,000 ready-made logo templates that you can customize at will. So you don’t need to stare blankly at the screen and start from scratch. There are a variety of template categories including Technology, Business, Lifestyle, Food, Art, Fashion, Animals and a lot of more. No matter what you’re looking for, you can easily find the one you want or at least some ideas and thoughts that could be integrated into your design.

Logo Icons

DesignEvo has a built-in icon library which gives you the ability to search a range of different icons. For example, these are some of the results for the search “coffee”. Once you found the one you like, you can add it to the editor with a single click.

Icons come in black and white forms, but you can freely change the color according to your needs. Beyond that, all the icons are provided in vector formats. So you can rescale them without any loss in quality.

Logo Fonts

DesignEvo comes preloaded with over 100 text fonts and quite a few preset word arts for you to try. You can further edit them as well, like changing the color, curving the logo texts, adjusting letter spacing, adding text effects, etc. With a little playing around you can easily make a perfect logo that works for you.

Logo Preview

A great advantage of DesignEvo is that, you can visualize your logo in real life uses. With a single push of the preview button, you can see your logo being used on T-shirt, business card, book, website page, etc.

Online Logo Storage

If you are interrupted by other tasks, don’t worry, as you can save your logo in the cloud. So you can come back and continue working with it at any time. It can save you a lot of time and makes the whole design project effective.

Free Logo Download

DesignEvo offers a free plan, which enables you to download a low-resolution JPG and PNG logo with background for free. This free version would be good enough for most purposes, such as use it on your website page, social media profile, mail signature, etc. However, if you want to use the logo for more professional purposes, you should consider one of the paid packages.

Logo Design at Your Fingertips

DesignEvo has a mobile app version, which works on both iOS and Android phones. This app version is similar to its online version, and comes with a clean and easy to use interface. With it, you can make logo design at any time and any places. If you’re interested, you can download it here DesignEvo Mobile App.


If you are looking for a logo design but have no idea of how to get started, take time and chance to have a play around with DesignEvo. With a variety of customizable logo templates, quality icon and font resources, and lots of powerful editing features, you can really get some cool logos to extend your reach.

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