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Vuulr: A new way to profit from your movie knowledge

Written by Jaymin Shah

Vuulr is providing an extraordinary opportunity for consumers to monetise their movie and TV knowledge.

But first things first: What is Vuulr?

It’s a Blockchain based Broadcast Content Economy that provides a digital marketplace for content owners, buyers and sponsors. At the same time it provides a way for the content consumers to monetise their knowledge. Consumers can contribute their knowledge in exchange for Vuulr Tokens. During the ICO, which is effective until 31 May 2018, you can buy tokens exclusively at www.qryptos.com . To further increase your token gains you can park the tokens you bought in a ‘parking lot’ smart contact. If you park your tokens you will be rewarded with an accelerator which is going to increase the amount of reward points you will earn, thus increasing your share of the monthly distributed VUU Tokens. The two main components of this project are the Vuulr Marketplace and the Vuulr Supply Chain. The Supply Chain is build on the Ethereum Blockchain and is going to provide the involved parties with a single, shared view of what the audience is watching.

But why is there a need for this?

By bringing together the content owners, buyers and sponsors on a single platform and providing them with a unified view of what the audience wants, Vuulr is going to increase the value and efficiency of any deals between these parties.
As it is right now, the demand for content is ever increasing and content broadcasters know this.
Be it traditional broadcasters or streaming platforms, they are all constantly trying to acquire more content. The broadcast content industry is spending around US$240 billion a year to acquire new content and this number is increasing by around 10% per year. The sponsorship industry is in a similar boat with its US$62 billion a year spendings.
Even with the ever growing importance of content acquisition, these deals are still being made the old fashioned way. There isn’t a centralized database, there are middlemen demanding high commission fees, there are trade events which have to be attended, the list goes on. Not only does this result in the closing of deals taking months, it also results in the loss of about 40% of their value during the transactions.

But those are problems of the past. With the platform and insight provided by Vuulr it’s going to be possible to close out a deal in 24 hours with minimal monetary losses, resulting in a better outcome for everyone involved. The content consumers get more content and a chance to monetise their knowledge, while the deals needed to bring forward that content become more valuable and efficient. Vuulr strives to revolutionize the existing processes in the broadcast content industry, but the project will also enable new innovative business models.

If you want to take part in the rewards program or you just want to learn more about the project, you will find a guide and additional information on this website https://tokens.vuulr.com/

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