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New finance rating website which providing rating including various deep insights, performance, reviews. Personally I love their website approach. Companies with research information about their past performance and future prospects is good thing.

new finance rating website is fintech.review

Once the companies approach the credit rating agency to evaluate their debt and rate the same the credit rating agencies check the following parameters:

  • Subjective evaluation of the capacity of the company to repay the debt.
  • Overall total debt of the company and its impact on the financial position.
  • A thorough analysis of the finances of the company to ascertain the areas through which the principal and interest would be paid.
  • Past debt repayment history of the company.
  • A general study of the economy and industry in which the company is operating.
  • The willingness of the company to repay its debt.

Grading by Credit Rating Agency

Ratings are divided into

  1. High grade
  2. Upper medium grade
  3. Lower medium grade
  4. Non-investment grade speculative
  5. Highly speculative
  6. Substantial risks or near default
  7. In default

However, there can be another grading also adopted by the agencies that shall be given in details in their report. But the basic fundamental remains the same – Highest – High – Moderate – Weak – Poor – Default.

In this article, we gave best points for credit rating agencies sites in the world. We love

Credit rating is an important aspect of securities, especially bonds. There are several rating agencies in the world that analyze and give ratings to bonds and other securities.  Let’s see the credit rating agencies listed as per their country.

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