Overuse of Technology is Making Us Unhealthy and Far from Nature

Written by Anushka

We all know that excess of everything is bad. And this goes for technology too, especially when it is something unnatural too. Let’s skim through them.

  • Overuse of technology causes stress, depression, and fatigue and related problems in adults as well as youngsters. Every now and then we catch sights of all those statistics and surveys that prove intensive and excess use of computers and smartphones are linked to sleep disorders, depression, and stress in young adults.
  • Addiction to technology is causing hindrance in our exposure to nature and outdoor sports. Kids and teenagers remain busy with their gadgets instead of playing outdoors or explore nature, which used to be our (parents) favorite activities when we were younger.
  • Lack of exposure and touch with nature causes a lack of immunity and no physical sports cause obesity. Obesity is emerging as the next new health disorder in the United States, both in kids as well as adults.
  • Technology-obsession is inculcating anti-social behavior and isolation in kids and teenagers. The age in which they should be cycling endlessly in the streets and have a massive number of friends in the neighborhood, all they do is keep confined in a bedroom and stare endlessly into their tablet screens. How frustrating!
  • Over-dependence and overreliance on technology and having machines to do even the simplest chores has generally made us lazy and that is definitely devastating for our health.
  • Extreme and excessive use of technology may disrupt normal mood patterns in teens. And can also affect healthy socialization.
  • There is actually a terminology that is devised for Internet addiction and it’s called IAD (Internet addiction disorder). Researchers have found out that brain scans of youngsters with this addiction are clearly similar to those having an addiction to cannabis, alcohol, and
  • Technology addiction affects a person’s attention, emotional processing, and decisiveness.

Find Solutions

Fretting and worrying about all the aforementioned problems is certainly not the solution to anything. We exist in a world where completely blocking or abandoning technology is not possible, we need technology inevitably. But it’s in your hands how you strike a balance between just using it for your benefit and not letting it become a compulsive addiction. Like said earlier, you need to make certain rules for yourself and your family and that’s for your own wellbeing. You have to intelligently handle your daughter who is perhaps, obsessed with her likes and comments on Instagram and Facebook or your young son whose eyes are glued to the screen and he has developed an intense addiction for gaming, or your own self for that matter.

  • Don’t let yourself be overpowered by technology. You have to fight being overwhelmed by the multi-billion-dollar establishments and savvy startups fighting to gain your attention on the Internet-based forums.
  • Yes, technology is irresistible and tempting, and not picking up your phone to see updates, or turning off Netflix and resisting the next episode of your favorite show is a hard task, but you need to develop that will because you can, and you should, for the sake of your health.
  • You have to ignore your boredom, insecurity, and uncertainty, that you may feel when you don’t check those push notifications for a while. The best practice would be turning notifications off.
  • Notice whether it is the idle moments that provoke you to pick up your phone or tablet and start browsing aimlessly? If yes, then think of many other useful activities that you can manage instead of picking up your phone. Some instances are going for a walk, cook/bake something, spend time in your garden with your pets etc.
  • Unplug and turn off your devices and gadgets before you go to bed. It is advisable to stop using the gadgets at least one hour before you go to sleep. The blue light from the screens hinder the production of melatonin/darkness hormone and can affect the sleep patterns.
  • Start with baby steps, you won’t be able to do it immediately and plan breaks.

Good luck with breaking the technology addiction!

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