Is Addiction to Technology Something That We Should Worry About?

Written by Anushka

Addiction to technology is becoming the next new concern in this day and age. If you have a subscription to an ISP such as EarthLink Internet service, you must have read blog posts about this critical problem that is on the rise. Let’s discuss it further.

There is no doubt that technology has eased up our lives in innumerable ways. This is also true that it has become almost impossible to live without technology, pertaining to its heavy use and utility in our lives. But there are a number of concerns that are becoming attached to technology. More than being a facilitator, technology is rather becoming an addiction for many. Especially if you look at the entertainment side of technology, TV, Internet, and gadgets have introduced us to a whole new level of addiction. Initially, they looked amazing inventions that are meant to globally connect. But with the passage of time, we witnessed that Internet and gadgets, in particular, have literally taken the world by storm. So much so that they are not ready to be without them even for a few seconds. And this is actually alarming.

Internet, specifically, is largely associated with entertainment only. Social networking sites and other entertainment-packed, Internet-based forums have captivated people from all age groups. And people spend a good amount of their daily time on these forums. For many, especially millennials, it is becoming an addiction and we should definitely worry about it. Steady Internet subscriptions are ensured in every single house, such as EarthLink Internet Service and other ISPs, and households are flooded with gadgets of all sizes and shapes. It is not even deemed weird or unacceptable to dedicate endless hours to those gadgets by the family members.

Let’s figure out to what extent this problem has become alarming.

The image says it all! It exactly depicts the current condition of most of the people in the contemporary Digital world. We all are so addicted to checking and posting updates on our social media accounts, replying and asking stuff on our novel texting Apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, and others or catching the latest on our favorite YouTube channels that we have subscribed to. It looks like technology has perhaps connected us, especially if we talk about social media forums and the aforementioned Apps, but the reality is just the opposite.

In order to appease the cyber mates, we are severely ignoring the people who are living with us, who are right in front of us. Our technology-obsessed behaviors are causing a constant distance with our loved ones. Family members are the victims of it the most. There is hardly any time in the day when everyone is just sitting together and there is a proper exchange of verbal communication. You would always see people staring at their gadget screen whilst exchanging a word or two with someone. Or asking what is there for dinner while ecstatically gazing at the screen through one of their intense gaming sessions on PlayStation. You should know that around 50% teens are addicted to their smartphones.

This acute addiction needs to be recognized and dealt with. Families should maintain certain rules to promote live communication, such as scheduling a couple of hours or so as family time’ and during that no one is allowed to use cell phones or any technology-related thing.

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