Maximizing the Benefits Offered By the CDN Providers

CDNs to Improve Website Performance
Written by Alisa Bronwen

Content Delivery Network or CDN has changed the face of web hosting in a significant manner, making it desirable to most of the industries. If you are unaware of the basic concept of CDN, we will walk you through all aspects of this core methodology, CDN providers, and their service, as well as its business advantages.

As the term suggests, it is a technology that engages a network of nodes to deliver appropriate content to the end users. Through this article, you will get to know the strategic techniques involved in this process in order to get the most from your investment.

What is the Need for Implementing CDN?

CDN prides to take care of the intense traffic bottleneck with efficiency and no lag. How does it seamlessly distribute traffic without affecting the performance of a website? This is the distinctive feature of CDN, where numerous nodes are cached with static content of a web page to behave like proxy servers.

These are networked across the world to cover the maximum areas which have dense internet users. This allows the request raised by end users, to reach the nearest node. This process provides relevant information to the clients in a jiffy as the distance traveled by packet data is depleted.

In simple terms, this situation leads to depleted latency, which allows the bandwidth to accomplish its role without any hindrance.

What Can Be Hosted by CDN?

A huge portion of CDNs cache static contents of a website, which takes maximum time to load on a client’s device. This not only contributes to ease of access but also ensures a seamless uploading of the rest of the contents. The resources which are cached are videos, images, JavaScript, CSS file, audio clips, and more.

Is It Fruitful to Invest in CDN?

CDN can be opted by a website in order to enjoy granular and enriched functionality. This ensures you get the maximum benefits online while taking care of the stipulated budget.

Let us have a look at the reasons to use CDN:

  • Pre-cached files-The probability, that a person visiting your website has already visited the web page through Google CDN, is quite high. In this regard, the file gets cached by the browser, which doesn’t need to be loaded again, saving on the bandwidth.
  • Diversified domains– The browsers restrict the number of downloadable files to a single domain only. To be precise, four active connections are permitted while the fifth remains blocked until the four connections completely retrieve. This is experienced by the users when they try to download multiple large files from a single site.

    However, the files of CDN are hosted in a separate domain, making it easier for the users to download files without any difficulty.

  • Topnotch infrastructures– In spite of having the best hosting service, it is difficult to contest with your peers. The finest CDN ensures greater availability, depleted packet loss, and diminished network latency.
  • Version control– The best CDN providers present you with an option of upgrading to the latest version if desired.
  • Dispersed data centers– If you have the host server in your country, the people wanting to access it from other countries will have to accomplish a few trans-continental electronic bounces. CDN offer localized data centers, which are dispersed across the world in order to stay geographically closer to the users.
  • Usage graph– The report that depicts the usage analysis is presented by the CDN providers. This aids in enhanced downloads and video views.
  • Depleted cost– It effectively distributes the load, which saves bandwidth and accentuates the performance. This contributes to reduced cost and enhanced availability.

Choosing the Finest Content Delivery Network

Since the internet is a storehouse of multiple levels of complexity, it is preferable to trust the versed manpower to take care of the concerns. The area of CDN is growing with every passing day that is making the selection of the best CDN provider extremely difficult. In order to close on a single option, it is important to understand your business needs and budget.

If you belong to the category of SMB or small and medium business, the challenges of choosing the appropriate option become graver. In that case, it is inevitable to look at the key factors that will assist you in the process of selection.

These are as follows:

  • Performance– Speed is the most important factor that drives the selection process of a CDN provider. Other than this, the KPI or key performance indicators are latency and throughput. It must be capable enough to handle the concurrent connections without any lag.
  • Functionality– It should be able to upload files through FTP, view analytics of CDN usage, and other activities contributing to 99.9% uptime.
  • Service– The provider must have competent teams of technical manpower that will be able to take care of the issues at the earliest with expertise. They must also be available 24/7 to eradicate the chances of downtime for the maintenance and offer undivided attention to the matter in question.
  • Cost– It is an essential factor while selecting the CDN provider. Therefore, it is important to accumulate the custom plan for pricing. This will help design a plan as per the size of your organization, saving a huge portion of the budget.

The Finest CDN Provider

The appropriate skill set and expertise in order to manage the diversified websites for robust performance is the key to finding the finest CDN provider. Collaborating with the desired CDN service provider allows your manpower to focus on the core business rather than optimizing the web applications. Take assistance from the aforementioned attributes in order to seek the best service provider in the market.


To excel in this ever growing competitive environment, it is better to analyze our priorities and design needs to implement them strategically in your business. This will also help contribute to the extraction of maximum benefits from the investment.

Let the finest CDN provider take care of the website performance, while you develop a favorable platform for the users to exhibit the business.

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