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one-time SMS number
Written by Sara Johnson

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the internet has become one of our basic needs. Since the entire world is moving towards digitization, a lot of important functions of our daily lives have changed. It is not possible to resist using the digital services because the utility these services offer is unparalleled. From using social media to performing banking and other tasks, the use of internet portals has grown significantly over the years and the need to secure your personal information has become imperative.

We come across a lot of scenarios where we have to perform online verification of our accounts or other stuff and using the personal number can be dangerous in this regard. The reason for it is very simple – scammers are always looking for ways to steal your personal information and even peek into your digital bank accounts. One-time SMS Number, also known as disposable SMS number, is the perfect solution to this sort of problems.

What is a Disposable Number?

Just in case you don’t know about it, a disposable SMS number is just like a virtual SMS number but the only difference is that the lifecycle of the latter one is a bit longer. A One-Time SMS Number is specifically used for online verification. This number allows you to receive an SMS with a verification link or a code, whichever the scenario is, using which you can easily perform your online verification on different portals and websites.

Ideal for Personal Use

One-time SMS number is perfect for your personal use because once you have used the link in the message, the message becomes useless. Even if it is accessed by any scammer, it is of no use. Some of the best benefits of using this number are:

Authentic Registration

There are so many web portals operating on the World Wide Web that are so intriguing that we can hardly resist registering for them. In order to make the registration process authentic, it is vital to use this type of number to make sure that your registration process is secure and authentic and no other person has registered using your name before.

Password Renewals

Forgetting a password is a very common scenario which we encounter a lot of times in our everyday lives. While the web portals allow using password codes to reset the password, it is better to use one-time SMS number because if the email is hacked, your account can easily be accessed by the hackers. When you use one-time SMS number, this risk is eradicated altogether.

A one-time SMS number is very useful and prove to be a handy tool not only in our daily lives but for business purposes as well. You can use this number in your business as well. If you are a businessman and running an e-commerce business, this service can be very useful in providing a secure payment method to your customers. This service will allow them to verify their identities before making online payments. FreeJe offers One-Time SMS Number service at the best prices. Avail this service now and ensure top levels of security for your personal as well as business uses.

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