Mining ICO with Ambit

Written by Jaymin Shah

A bank or a venture capitalist raises funds in the usual way: jumping through big hoops, and filling in many
e-forms. There is a way around this if you are a start-up, or an established company in need of a
(crypto)cash injection, and it’s ICO. What’s this? It’s stands for an initial coin offering’, which is when you
raise funds for businesses in cryptocurrency. It’s not regulated, so open to anyone who cares to invest. There
are some limitations, and it’s not anonymous, but they can be very good reasons and grand ideas to support
in this manner.

Interested in mining ICO? Ambit Mining is. They have a turnover of over a million USD already, which is
nod-worthy for a company established in October 2017.

Ambit Mining Presale Now Is Live!

Georgian Powered Crypto Growth

Ambit Mining is a pioneer in Georgia. I’m not referring to the state, I’m talking about the country, which is
showing some positive growth, just as cryptocurrencies are rising in popularity and stability. Together, these
two have strong development opportunities. If it were set up in a zone that has mixed feelings towards
cryptocurrencies, quick positive growth would be unlikely, but Georgia is crypto-friendly in its laws and taxes –
regulations are neither hostile, nor draconian.

A Tax-Free Green Belt

There are two reasons why mining ICO with Ambit should interest you. We’re talking about a company has
built its farm from scratch, by careful design, with a green orientation.
Ambit mining is thriving in its home zone – the Tbilisi Free Economic zone where it is exempt from the trappings of income, value-added, and corporate taxes.
Green energy drives Ambit mining. It is hyrdoenergy, in fact, that Ambit and the whole country uses. It is so low-cost that it’s only 0.05 USD per kW/h, which when you reconsider the lack of tax restrictions means that it is running on efficiency and has the potential for sustained profitability.

ICO Opportunities

April — May 2018 is the time to get involved. Almost anyone is free to participate provided you comply with
two essentials. The first is that if you’re from the USA, or hold a green card, you can’t. The second is that
you have to go through the KYC (know your customer) process to get verified for token activation.

The currencies you can invest in are BTC (Bitcoin) and (Ethereum), but you must have an ERCZO Compatible
wallet for AMBT token storage. 1

AMBT has the value of 0.5 USD today, and do keep in mind that there is a minimum investment of 1 ETH

Ambit built a 1MW diversified mining facility, which in its first 5 months, met 100% ROI. This is why the
company aims to expand to 20MW — imagine the potential.

It’s because it is in Tbilisi, Georgia that mining ICO with Ambit is promising. Remember, the company resides
in a free market zone that is open to cryptocurrencies thereby offering a good forecast of stable growth. The
conditions that Ambit have surrounding them could mean not only success but the imminent arrival of it.
These are exciting times. Some countries and individuals are hesitant to take chances or try pioneering
options, are you?

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