Best Way To Retrieve Data From Windows Internal Hard Drive

Internal Hard Drive
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You are working on your computer and suddenly the system stops working showing a black screen or you open your computer, the screen reads hard disk error detected.
The situations above indicate Internal Hard Drive failure with high risk of losing data. In worst functional scenarios, you may have not backup your data. At this time, the prime concern of users is Internal Hard Drive recovery.
The hard drive is an electronic device and no one can predict when it can fail or become inaccessible. The hard drive failure can occur due to any of the reasons such as virus infection, poor power supply, corrupt operating system files or damaged blocks, sectors etc.
If you are one such victim of the hard disk failure and looking for safe Internal Hard Drive recovery ways, your search ends here. In this blog, we will deal with the best ways to retrieve data from your corrupt hard drive.

A word of caution!

It is important to note that you should immediately stop using the problem hard drive and the problem computer as the issue surfaces. Using it in spite of the detected hard drive issue will reduce the chances of internal hard drive recovery. Just remove the drive and plug it externally to another computer to prevent overwriting and increase the chances of successful data recovery.

Ways to Retrieve Data from Dead Windows Internal Hard Drive

Way 1: Reconnect the SATA/USB cable

Checking for SATA/USB cable is just a basic action that may resolve your issue. Your Windows internal hard drive is in a case with a SATA/USB cable. Carefully open it with a small, flat head screwdriver. If you see the internal drive loosely or not properly connected with the SATA/USB cable, reconnect carefully, plug the USB cable back into your system and then try to access the hard drive.

Way 2: Change the hard drive case’s adapter

If reconnecting SATA/USB cable doesn’t help, change the SATA/USB adapter and then connect your hard drive to the system. If you can now view, the internal hard drive’s contents copy the files to another external drive, so that you have a backup too.
In case the drive is accessible, but there are no files or folders, go for file recovery tool such as Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home.

Way 3: Buy a new hard disk case

Internal Hard DriveIn case of laptop hard drive, you can try buying a new hard disk case. You can also consider connecting hard drive to another computer and see if the system is able to detect it this time.

Way 4: Check your drive controller board

Now, this has to be done very carefully with a professional hand. A typical hard disk drive has a controller board mounted on it. You can try to replace bad controller board with another hard disk controller board, which is of same model and maker.
Once replaced, connect the hard drive to your system. If the Windows hard drive is accessible, quickly save all your data to another drive.

Way 5: Use a Windows data recovery software

If you are unable to resolve the issue by the above methods, it is advisable to take help of Windows data recovery software.
There are several internal hard drive recovery software available to retrieve lost files and folders from the hard drive. Experts suggest always select user-friendly internal hard drive recovery tool which is secure and at the same time can retrieve all types of your Windows files and folders, be it documents, photos, videos, emails, etc. One such dependable tool popularly used and recommended by experts is Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home.
It supports file recovery from internal as well as external hard drives that are damaged or not accessible. Internal hard drive recovery software can detect logically damaged hard drive and recover data from it. It works in situations such as accidental formatting, volumes or partition deletion, unknowingly deletion etc.
You need to just download and install the Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home software on another computer. Connect your problem hard drive to the new computer via USB cable and follow the below simple steps:

To begin with, you can download a free trial version of the Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software.
Watch Video know how you can recover your data from the internal or external hard drives.

Way 6: Physical damage? Seek Data Recovery Expert’s Guidance

For a physically damaged hard drive with a severe corruption, an Internal Hard Drive recovery software cannot retrieve data. It requires special equipment and lab experts (Class 100 Clean Room) to recover data.
Check out yourself for any parts of the hard drive broken or damaged and seek a professional help for recovery.

To Conclude…

Internal hard drive recovery doesn’t always require you to be a tech expert but versed with some basic computer knowledge and skills. There are guided steps available online for the processes. If you are using a Windows data recovery software, follow the user guide to smoothly recover all your data. In addition, it is advisable to avoid multiple hit and trial attempts for Internal Hard Drive recovery, instead, look for professional guidance.

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