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Written by Sara Johnson

The Difference between Windows and Linux VPS 

Two broad options await anyone looking to pay for VPS hosting – Linux or Windows VPS hosting. There is quite a bit of difference between these hosting alternatives. For instance, Windows VPS happens to be a little more expensive. Fortunately, you can use a GoDaddy coupon to reduce your spending as you buy their products.

Otherwise, Windows VPS hosting is a little less reliable and offers much worse uptime rates in comparison to Linux. Furthermore, Windows VPS will also not work with cPanel, or even integrate with open source programming languages as easily. Also, its tech support is a lot less popular in comparison to Linux VPS support.

If you are a beginner in web hosting, you are probably wondering, why is Windows VPS even worth considering when Linux VPS hosting is so much better on all these levels? It’s simple – if you need to use Ms Access or even Ms SQL Database, then Windows VPS hosting is the only option you have. Under these conditions, Linux VPS is simply out of the question despite its many advantages.

The Server Specs of GoDaddy’s VPS plan 

The server specs of GoDaddy VPS hosting plans are pretty strong. The host server has a 2x Intel E5-2620v3 processor. This processor has 15M of cache and 2x 600 GB HDD. Additionally, with every multi-tenant Virtual Machine, you will get specifications that include a managed and a fully managed Linux cPanel.

The multi-tenant virtual machine set up also comes with 5,000 SMTP relays, an SSL certificate, and file and DB backups. The SSL certificate is free for 1 year, from there, you have to pay an annual subscription fee. You should keep paying for this security feature since it ensures the security of your client’s payments and data in addition to improving your Google rankings.

GoDaddy’s 4 VPS Linux Hosting Plans and GoDaddy Coupons 

GoDaddy has a choice of 4 Linux VPS hosting plans – Economy, Value, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The cheapest of these plans is the Economy plan, followed by the Value and the Deluxe plans respectively. The Ultimate plan is the most expensive, and that is because it offers better features.

With the Economy plan, which is going for $17.99 a month, you will get 1 GB memory and 40 GB of storage. The Value plan comes with 2 GB memory and 60 GB storage and a price of $21.99 a month. The Deluxe plan offers you 4 GB memory and 120 GB storage. Finally, the Ultimate Plan offers its users 8 GBs of memory and 240 GB storage at a price of $39.99 a month.

With all these plans, you will also get free SSL certificate for a year, 3 dedicated IPs, and unmetered bandwidth. The unmetered bandwidth feature is subject to some conditions, which when violated may result in a request to upgrade your plan or accept reduced access to hosting resources. But this should hardly be a concern since most sites enjoy the unmetered bandwidth feature in all its glory.

GoDaddy Coupon Codes 

GoDaddy also has coupon offers on its Linux VPS hosting plans. Some of these coupons include the following:

CJC1OFF30 – Get 30% off on all GoDaddy products
afw50host – Claim 50% off your hosting plans during checkout
50HOST1 – Get 50% money off GoDaddy hosting plans
cjc4c – A 60% GoDaddy discount code on all .com domains
afwhost1 – Get yourself 12 months of Economy hosting for just $1 a month, and a free domain.

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