Understanding The Various Stages Of Data Cleansing With The Best Data Ladder Reviews

Data Cleansing
Written by Alisa Bronwen

The hype of data cleansing has taken over the world. Businesses all over the globe have become aware of the importance of using clean data and how it can benefit their business. If you’re a business owner and you want to witness a substantial growth in your business, reading the data ladder reviews could be the turning point for your business. Since data is the focal point of your business, you need to make sure that you are giving it sufficient importance. There are a number of things that you need to do in order to ensure that your business is a success and choosing to clean your data through data ladder has to be one of them. There are various benefits that data cleansing has to offer and this is something almost all are aware of, however, if you’re looking to see how these data cleansing services work, and what they have on offer, then here are a few things you need to take note of.

Data Auditing

It is crucial for the company to run a data audit before the data is cleaned. This helps to identify most of the problems with the data early on and it helps to remove data that’s irrelevant at the first stage itself. A data audit is a lengthy process where each record is checked to ensure the details are correct. It’s then checked to see if there are any duplicates. When you use an automated system at work to distribute calls amongst your employees, they might end up making multiple calls to the same person if this step is left out. Once the data is audited, it becomes easy to further validate and cleanse the data in an effective manner.

Multiple Auditing Methods

Data auditing is not a one-step process. There are multiple data auditing tools that you can find online, but when it comes to auditing data in the best possible manner, it’s best left to the experts at data ladder to get the perfect job done. Cleansing data is an important job and even when one step goes wrong, the process is a waste. The reason you need multiple levels of auditing the data is that while some data might be irrelevant which can be taken off easily, there could be other data that has small mistakes and can be rectified to be put to use. This could be a space in an email Id or a telephone number, a character or number missing and so on and all this is also looked after when the data is audited. Usually, when you audit data, you lose out on a few numbers, but you also gain untouched data that is fresh and perfect to target.

Data Consolidation

There are a number of software companies that claim to clean your data within no time and give you ready to use data. However, the one service that these companies do not provide is consolidation. With data ladder, you get all the data cleansing services and you also get data that has been sorted and consolidated. This means that after all the duplicates and invalid data has been removed, the data is sorted and validated. This means that where there is information missing such as phone number or email address or alternate contact details, data ladder will help consolidate it for you by running it against your current database. This will help you have the best and cleanest data possible.


If you thought that data cleansing was a onetime investment, you need to think again.  It’s something that needs to be done over and over again at regular intervals. This is because you will need to filter the data from time to time to segregate new customers from the potential customer list, take off the numbers and email Ids of people who are not interested and filter the new leads so your employees can target them. This is a new process that starts off with the auditing of the data all over again.

While a lot of business owners believe there’s no need to clean the data once it’s been cleaned, you need to understand that when you keep on emailing people who have unsubscribed from your mailing list or calling people who recently registered on the ‘Do not Disturb’ list, you’re inviting trouble. Firstly, your server could get blocked for mailing them without permission, and secondly, your calls will also be marked as spam. In a date and age where true caller and other such apps are available on everyone’s phone, the last thing you want is for your phone numbers to pop up as a spam call.

Repeated attempts to email people who are not interested in your services isn’t a smart move either. This could get your server blacklisted which means you will need to buy a new one. If this happens multiple times you will not be able to purchase a new server for a few months because you’ll get barred from the server company. So it’s best to avoid all these problems and get the data cleansed in a timely manner from data ladder.

Repeating The Process

People live a very fast life these days and it is not uncommon for people to switch phone numbers, addresses and email addresses every now and then. If you are relying on a database that has been cleaned a month ago, there is a good chance that some of the data may be obsolete. This is why data ladder repeats the entire process of data cleansing and sorting on a regular basis. When you regularly run checks on your data, you will stay ahead of the market and you will be able to successfully manage your business campaigns.

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