TheOneSpy Cell phone Spy app Review

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Theonespy spy app has known for three best qualities such as parenting, employee monitoring and to catch cheating spouses. However, it has several products such as spy software for cell phones, tablets, pads that run with the android, IOS and with blackberries OS. However, it has two products for spying on windows and MAC computer machines and the user have to use the computer monitoring software. All of its products are state of the art and also have powerful monitoring tools.

How to install Cellphone Monitoring app

First of all, aspirants have to subscribe to the Spy phone App and they have to visit the official website of the mobile phone spy app. Resultantly they will receive an email along with the credentials. Now install the Cellphone Monitoring app on the target smartphone having the physical access to the device and when they have done successfully with the installation process. Then activate the spy app on the target cell phone and you will receive a pop-up message either you want to spy on your target cell phone device secretly or not. Now use the credentials and get access to the web portal for the sake of spying.

What is online dashboard?

It is basically a controller that enables a user to visit the menu of tracking the target cell phone. It empowers you to send the input on the target cell phone and you will get the tracking results as output in your online control panel. You are free to tap or make command regarding each feature and you will get the results directly from your online dashboard. You can get access to the web portal on any website in order to perform the monitoring procedure and get the results out of it by using the ID and the password.

How user can use the features

Simply, having said that, get access to the control panel and visit the spying tools of cell phone tracking software and tap on the particular tool. If the spying tool based on bugging, then user have to send the command to the target device if not then tapping on the monitoring tools is enough. For bugging, make a command and send it to the target cell phone and once it is received on the target phone; you will have the rapid results into your control panel.

The powerful Features of cell phone tracking app

TOS Spy 360

A user can listen to the surround sounds and conversations of the target smartphone with the help of spy 360 live surround listening. You can view live footage of the target smartphone surrounds by hacking the cameras of the phone by using the spy 360 live camera streaming. However, share the screen live of your target cell phone directly into the online control panel to view live cell phone screen activities with spy 360 live screen sharing

Call recording

No matter what time is it, a user can record and listen to the live incoming and outgoing calls on the target phone with the help of hidden call recorder app of the cell phone monitoring software. However, a user can save the recorded material into an online control panel.

IM’s social media

A user can view logs of all the trendy IM’s and text conversations, shared media files as photos and videos and voice calls.Also you can Spy on WhatsApp Conversation

Text messages spy

View all sent and received text messages, iMessages, MMS, SMS, and BMM chat and heads up tickers notification.

Remotely phone control

A user can remotely track the cell phone and restrict the number of activities on the target cell phone device. You can block text messages, calls from strangers and further block the internet in order to freeze all running activities on the target cell phone.


TheOneSpy is reasonable in price, but reliable and ultimate cell phone tracking software that is best for parenting, employee monitoring and to catch unfaithful spouses.

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