Availing of Adept Support & Services for Open Source Shibboleth SAML

Open Source Shibboleth
Written by Sarah Anna

Shibboleth is ranked among the most widely deployed federated identity solutions across the world. It is capable of connecting users to applications within as well as between organizations. All software components under the Shibboleth system is the free and Open Source Shibboleth source.

One of the reasons Shibboleth is admired all over the world is because it is an open-source project providing Single Sign-On abilities. It also allows websites to make well-informed decisions based on authorization to ensure individual access to secure online resources. This is usually one in a ‘privacy-preserving’ way.

Shibboleth facilitates universities to share research and resources across institutional borders. The Open Source Shibboleth Open Source Shibboleth software package of Shibboleth works really well with other single sign-on Authentication and Authorization protocols of universities which enable faculties, staff, and students to access resources at collaborative institutions without any need for creating single, local IDs and passwords.

A set of parties using Shibboleth can easily develop a relationship of trust between their authentication systems. Website service providers may allow access to users with the local authenticated credential. It is also possible to trust users with credentials from federated authentication services.

Shibboleth facilitates users to access protected resources outside of their organization by utilizing same username, password, and authentication techniques they are presently acquainted with.

Shibboleth and SimpleSAML are known to be the fastest growing SSO middleware within the present age marketplace. These are deployed by many thousands of large as well as mid-market organizations all over the world, including markets like energy and consumer, higher education, government, healthcare, financial, etc.

Support service providers of Shibboleth will serve as an extension to an organization’s core IT team while providing exclusive Shibboleth SAML Services on request. This ensures significant a reduction in downtime, minimizing risks, and enhances the opportunities for attractive returns on Shibboleth SAML investments. In short, this acts as a win-win situation for all.

The support & services for open source Shibboleth SAML will include the following listed below:

– Configuration change management for Shibboleth

– Migration services

– Policy management for SAML attribute

– Change management for SAML Metadata

– Identity federation participation management

– Technical support

– Regular software upgrades to Shibboleth/SimpleSAMLPhp IDP

– Troubleshooting services

– Monitoring services

– Backup services

– Availability of multiple OS platform options: Windows and Linux

– Support for phone, email, and Webex

Commercial Support

Most organizations require understanding the fact that they can get instant support in the case, some production outage or issues with critical security arises. Mailing lists of Shibboleth are very active. The trained identity and access management specialists and engineers can offer support under these conditions.

Completeness of Solution

Delivery of a comprehensive identity service is much more than just SAML single sign-on. A lot of things matter such as the manner in which user data gets retrieved from backend systems such as the Active Directory, authentication of the individual, handling of sessions across apps supporting varied protocols, the occurrence of replication and clustering, and much more. Shibboleth is the answer to these queries which makes for a complete platform for both identity and access management.

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