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Augmented reality has been around for quite some time now. Ever since Apple introduced augmented reality at the annual WWDC, iPhone and iPad users have gotten access to the first AR available in Mobile App Store.

With iOS 11, Apple users got their hands on augmented reality with ARKit, machine learning, and much more. Augmented reality on smartphone devices has completely revolutionized the mobile experience of the users which will impact their social, professional, entertainment, media field. Moreover, Google has entered the world of augmented reality a long time since it introduced AR software development platform ARCore which works similar to ARKit. The experts from the iPhone app development company Singapore have predicted that there will be more augmented reality apps introduced in the coming year.

Let’s share some of the best ways to experiment with augmented reality Mobile App in your iPhone and iPad devices.

Ikea place

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With Ikea place app, you can measure and locate the furniture models inside your living room and lounge to see if the sofa set goes well with the wall paint. The augmented reality Mobile App will first measure the room with the camera and overlay the furniture model in the room where you want it to fit. The app technology is working outdoor as well, people nowadays are locating furniture of New York subway platform. In addition, hundreds of products are now available at Ikea for you to try and make you play as an interior decorator.

Measure Kit

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The augmented reality app is a measuring kit Mobile App that acts as a measuring tape. With this app, you can measure anything by tapping on the screen. The app entails seven different rulers together. In addition, you can measure anything easily including size, angle, distance etc. accurately. Moreover, the app can also measure the moving object’s size. This robust app proves highly useful for the users.

Fitness AR

The Fitness AR app keeps a track of your health and fitness. The app collects the complete metrics of to the athletes to analyze the performance work out. Fitness AR visualizes hikes, bike rides, and walks collected through the fitness tracking app. Moreover, the fitness app creates a 3D map to check their routes they have viewed from a certain point. You take a virtual tour of the places you want to. Pokemon Go is one of the examples of fitness AR app which has a mission to follow.

The augmented reality Mobile App in iPhone and iPad are evolving at a fast pace. More of the AR apps are expected to arrive in the coming years. Till then, get your hands on these apps that are worth trying.

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