10 Proven Tips To Improve Your Rank In iOS App Store

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Written by Sarah Anna

With more than thousands of ios app store launched in the App store every day, getting high ranks can be a daunting task. No matter what App Store still manages to stay on the top list among the heavy competition.  App Store is one of the most preferred places by the developers and the users. Achieving high rank is an indication that the users are satisfied and happy with the download. Although, the whole process can be quite challenging, however, by following few rules and steps you can make your way through the Store.

In this article, we will see how you can give leverage the app ranking to bring positive reviews and increase the number of downloads of your app.

Develop a Great IOS App Store

The first and foremost rule is to build a great app for the users that provide them value and help their need. Apps that are successful get discovered easily with the positive reviews and feedback. Facebook Messenger for reaching out friends and family, Skype for video calling, Instagram for photo sharing all are the examples of app providing a solution to people’s need in a simple manner. Make sure your app proves valuable to people and it must function well. Don’t forget to test the app, the bugs and glitches to improve the user experience.

Encourage Feedbacks

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Feedback is a crucial element in determining the success and failure of an app. positive review is a sign that people are satisfied with the app performance and positive reviews mean there’s a possibility of high ranking of the app. Negative reviews indicate that the app needs improvement, let that be a reminder that you need to bring improvement to the app to change the negative review into the positive review and make people happy with your app.

Ask Users to Rate your App

Another way of knowing how your app is perceived by the users is by taking reviews and ratings. Top rates apps have great app reviews and have positive feedbacks. Prompt the users with a pop up to rate your app. You can either take star ranking, a yes or no question to ask people if they like your app. Moreover, you can monitor your app and check the time they have spent on your app to see if they find your app valuable.

Use A/B to Test your Prompts

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You might believe that your message is clear when you’re asking for a review or ranking of your ios app store from the users. It’s wise to test it first. The testing will let you know if your message is clear enough for the users to make them understand what you’re asking or should you be clearer. One way of finding if your prompt is working well is through A/B testing.

Identify the User who Wrote a Bad Review to Address the Issue

Whenever you receive a bad review don’t think it’s an attack you. It’s one way of telling you there’s a need for improvement. Someone cared enough to leave a review about your app because they didn’t get a pleasant experience. Take their negative review as a challenge and try to change make it positive. In addition, you can contact them to know the exact problem they faced and address their issue.

Create a Website for your App

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Building a professional website is another way to improve your iPhone app development. Add all the contact details, FAQ’s, images & videos, and take reviews. Make that the website is easy to navigate and provides all the relevant details any user might be looking for. Share information about your ios app store on social media accounts to gain more visibility. Promote your website on social accounts and take their feedback and reviews about your app.

Target your Potential Users

Once you’re done developing an app, the next step is to target potential users to get them to download your app. Take a research and look for what people want and target the audience accordingly. When that’s done, go ahead and think of planning a proper name, with unique description and keyword that will help you promote your app. Make your app freely available for the users to download.

Advertise your App on Social Platforms

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App ranking has a great chance to expand when it’s getting promoted on social media platforms. In order to promote your ios app store on the social platform, you need to first make an online appearance. Then you need to target potential clients and make every effort to promote your app to gain their attention. Advertising your app has a clear chance of getting your app high ranking and more user base.

Select the Right Keywords

Keywords play an important role in app optimization process. There are several tools available that can help you select the right keywords and optimize your app in the App Store. However, another efficient way of doing this is to select the keywords based on your app connecting to the App Store. If you select the right keyword and target the right audience then you can surely gain a maximum number of installs.

Offer Rewards to the users for Rating your App

One way of encouraging and motivating people to rate your app is to provide them rewards in return. Make sure you convince the users to rate your app or leave a feedback by creating an interesting pop-up and offer them a small prize or a discount to keep them interested in your app.

In a nutshell, these are the 10 powerful tips that can definitely help your app gain more visibility and increase your app user base. Developers should keep all these tips in mind when it comes to developing an app. optimize your app, take feedback and ratings, and test the app to remove all the impurities to provide a seamless user experience.

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