Introducing multi cryptocurrency cards

Written by Anushka

As of today they launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign to manufacture multi cryptocurrency cold wallets. Even though there are many exciting solutions for crypto storage we have found many shortcomings.

The main issues are the following:

– How to gift cryptocurrency to friends of relatives
– How to help a friend/client with an investment portfolio without spending hours setting up apps, wallets or exchange accounts.
– How to provide complete offline cold wallet storage

We came up with a card that holds wallet key’s up to 5 cryptocurrencies each. It’s a very simple yet powerful tool as it can solve the above issues every crypto enthusiast has been confronted with.

How does it work?

The card is built from a CR80 format plastic card, the same format and material as the avg. credit card.
On the front side we have printed the public keys. You can scan these using the QR code to deposit coins into the cold wallet.
On the back side we have printed the private keys, these are protected under a scratch off layer. This provides protection against theft and ensures the holder these private keys have never been online/exposed. To withdraw money, one simply loads the private key into a wallet and is able to make transactions.

How are the cards produced?

The cards are produced using an automated production process. We have built custom software based on open source wallet generating software. This final product will be audited by an external software auditing firm to ensure it is safe and flawless. From here the keys are send to the printers within a closed offline environment. This will print cards and to finalize the scratch off layer will be printed. This all happens within our own firm in a closed environment. The entire production process will be evaluated by the same firm auditing our software. This ensures the highest standards for our product.

How to order?

Our Kickstarter campaign just launched.

Visit HERE.

Referral partner program.
A Kickstarter campaign is only successful depending on its promotional plan.
Therefor we accept referral partners.

How does this work?

As the social media referral partner you will provide positive marketing content on any social media platform, community of which is not linked to illegal, black hat, nudity, or drugs related content.


As a referral partner you will receive 10% sales commission on all sales pledged through your referral link.
Payouts are handled in EUR or cryptocurrency (ETH, ZEC or LTC).
Minimum payout to be eligible for referral program = 40€. 

How to participate
Send an e-mail to info@altcoininvest.be with reference: referral program partner.
You then will be send a referral partner contract with all details and terms.

Please check out our Kickstarter campaign, we have an infomercial video and detailed information available.

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