Xnspy Review: Is It a Reliable Text Spyware App?

Xnspy Review
Written by Sarah Anna

Pros: The capability to recover deleted messages is a big favorite among the users.

Cons: After installation, the app takes slightly longer to upload data from the target device.

Upshot: The surveillance software is an ideal solution for concerned parents and employers who want to keep tabs on their children or employees text messages and other online activities. It can aid them to stop their children from engaging in malicious activities like sexting or bullying and bar employees from wasting their time while they are on the clock.

Xnspy is a text spyware app that connects you to a mobile device you want to monitor. Let’s say you are concerned about your young one that is obsessed with their smartphone or you are running a business with dozens of off-site employees. Using Xnspy will allow you to monitor virtually anyone at the touch of a button using their phones.

Considering the price and the number of features it offers, I believe Xnspy gives you more bang for your buck. With nearly all the text spyware apps on the market having monthly subscription fees over $14 a month, the $12 monthly fee of Premium Edition is one of the biggest advantages Xnspy users have raved about. A non-tech-savvy person can install and use the program without any hassle. Even with access to the target device, it takes a few minutes to set up this spyware on the target device.

How Does Installation Work?

After purchasing a subscription plan you can install Xnspy in three quick and easy steps:

  1. Paste the download URL (sent to you via email) into any internet browser on the target device and start the download. [For Android]
  2. After downloading the app, follow step-by-step instructions from the email to set up the text spyware app on the device you wish to monitor.
  3. Once the app is installed, use the activation code from the email to pair the device to your personal Xnspy web-based account.

It takes the text message spy software a few minutes to a few hours before it starts uploading data from the monitored device. But, in the case of texts and other chats, they are uploaded as soon as they occur owing to their relatively small size.

How to Monitor Uploaded Information?

After pairing the target device with your personal web account you are free to eavesdrop on target’s online activities from anywhere at any time. All you need to do is:

  1. Access from your smartphone or personal computer to sign into your Xnspy web account using the credentials sent via email.
  2. On the Dashboard, you will find a side menu. It is here all the data from the target device is uploaded under different features.
  3. Since the uploaded data is categorized it isn’t hard to find your desired information. For instance, you can access text messages from the monitored device by clicking on the “+” sign in front of Phone Logs.
  4. You can read monitored messages without the need of an internet browser simply by downloading Xnspy Dashboard application for Android.

What Can You Retrieve With Xnspy?

With Xnspy, not only you can retrieve target phone’s text messages, but you can eavesdrop on the phone calls, call logs, GPS location and much more from your web account. Here is a short list of the text spyware app’s features that set it apart from other spying apps on the market.

  1. Track IM Chat Messengers

The advanced text spyware app lets you know who your kids or employees are communicating with via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

  1. Social Media Monitoring

Xnspy not only gives you access to chats and photos shared on select IM apps, it also enables you to monitor social media activities on popular platforms like Instagram and Tinder.

  1. GPS Location Tracking

GPS Location Tracking

Track the location of your field employees or children in real-time with Xnspy while they are out. The useful functionality gives you an idea where the target has spent his or her day. Moreover, in case of an emergency, it would take you only a couple of minutes to track them down.

  1. Call Log Details

This feature gives you access to all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls log along with time and date stamps and the exact call duration. So you can instantly discern how much time your employees or kids are spending on phone calls.

  1. Geofencing

Geofencing gives you the power to track targets movements in defined zones. You can use the feature to set virtual confines around the job sites, pubs, discos, malls, school, or home to receive an instant notification as soon as the target device enters or leaves the place.

  1. Watchlist Alerts

Watchlist Alerts

Xnspy also allows you to define suspicious keywords like names, numbers, places, email addresses, etc. and monitor certain activities rather worrying about every single move of the monitored individual.

  1. Ambient Recording

The text spyware app also records target device surroundings which can give you a good idea what your kids or employees are doing behind your back.

Some Shortcomings

Almost all the features look pretty impressive, but what I really liked about the Xnspy is its ability to store messages that are deleted from the target device. That said, Xnspy isn’t a failsafe solution as it has its shortcomings. Firstly, the text message spy software doesn’t offer a spy cam feature. Secondly, you can monitor only one device under one license. Thirdly, it supports Android and iOS phones and tablets only. If you are trying to track a BlackBerry, Windows, or Symbian device, Xnspy isn’t the app you need.


Considering the variety of things Xnspy can do I found it quite useful. It can help you save your kids from making unfavorable choices and at the same time be your most valuable tool in the workplace. The possibilities are virtually endless when you use this text spyware app, so I don’t think there is any harm in investing this program.

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