Why I use the internet with a VPN

Written by Jaymin Shah

The internet is always not safe to use all the time, specifically in nowadays. When you online.The threat of having someone monitor your web history could easily be avoided if your IP address could not be traced back to you, How to hide your IP address online?

There are many ways to Do that, but when consider you want to Avoid Spying and protect your online data, I do really suggest you should use the VPN to Avoid Spying and Data Retention and Prevent an Online Attack.

Avoid Spying and Data Retention

Government’s role and involvement in internet affairs has become increasingly prominent throughout the past couple years. Regulations over the information available differ from country to country and are sometimes very tightly monitored. With more security measures being proposed and placed, the question begs, where do we draw the line? Is monitoring a whole country’s web history going too far? Australia recently proposed a “data retention law” which would store Australian’s web history. Their reason being that the information gained would greatly help the law enforcement agencies solve countless crimes. Opposition to the law says it is invasive, unnecessary, and a very serious risk for the average user’s privacy. Members of “Anonymous”, a hacking organization, stole customer data from the Australian ISP AAPT to show the dangers of the retention law. Their goal was to prove the risks of storing web history data as the personal information is readily available to any hacker smart enough to infiltrate the system.

The threat of having someone monitor your web history could easily be avoided if your IP address could not be traced back to you. Personal data would be hidden if a user adopted a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. Products such as IPVanish VPN allow for your IP address to appear to be in a different location which means websites, ISPs, and even governments will not be able to monitor your online activity. Your private information as well as your web history will only be privy to you and you can be confident that it stays that way.

Prevent an Online Attack

The internet is becoming an increasingly risky place to store private information in light of recent events. With all the latest hacking and exposure of passwords, users have become anxious and, understandably, have a right to demand a way to protect themselves. It’s a difficult task to undertake when considering the sheer multitude of information available online, unbeknownst to most users, which hackers can manipulate. The IP addresses serve as a sort of key to access a good amount of this information.

Unfortunately, Now most people are unaware of ways to prevent such attacks and are forced to deal with them in the aftermath. Companies like Immunity Inc. are scrambling to develop security systems like the new Swarm which constantly scan around 1 million IP addresses per hour to see if they’re susceptible to hacks. It provides real-time situational awareness and will immediately let them know if any systems in the global network are vulnerable.

However, they could avoid those costs in the “low six figures” if they simply used a VPN, or Virtual Private Network. With tools like IPVanish VPN, your IP address will appear to be in a different location and websites, ISPs and governments will not be able to track you or your online activity. IPVanish keeps your information completely anonymous and is an invaluable tool for maintaining privacy. They also have a free client that you can pull up on your desktop to adopt IP addresses in real time from any country of your choosing.

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