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Written by Jaymin Shah is a great content discovery and curation tool. Last year, Almighty Press announces the worldwide release of a groundbreaking trending content curation platform. So publishers can now easily identify, inspect, and publish content with viral potential much faster than ever before.

Identify the trends in your content and use them to increase your reach is really a brand strategy. It can be more useful to deep analyze the viral potential so each insights of content we know easily.

This advanced, custom-built application goes far beyond simply sorting articles by the highest number of engagements.

Viral content curation will never be the same again. All the performance of content will be easy to find and make it happen. The algorithm itself adjust all the things with numerous metrics of each and every page, so we know our true potential.

Whether you are a blogger, a journalist, an editor, or the news media, it is easy to see how important it is to cover a story before your competitors. Almighty.Press changes the game of viral content curation by automating the entire process, from identification to publication.

Apart from creating outstanding content, you need to measure the impact it has. Try out these tools to find the best that will work for you and benefit your content performance.

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