3 Free word processing Softwares for MAC

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In today’s world almost everyone who holds a white color job, or running his personal business or he’s a student, he needs a Word Processing Program. The reason is that he needs to prepare relevant documents at the required time. So basically any such program which allows us to make the documents in an efficient and effective way is known as Word Processor. It could be in hardware form like Typewriter or could be in a Software form Like Microsoft Word. So in Today’s world, no one could deny the importance and need of such program or machine.

MAC and it’s free Word Processors

MAC is one of the most widely used Operating system installed in electronic gadgets and machines developed by the company, known as Apple. These gadgets include I-phone, I-pad,
I-pod, Desktop computers, Laptops and likewise. If you’re user of a MAC, then this article could be a good guide for you to have information about 3 Word Processing Softwares for MAC users. They are not only efficient in their way but also free. So let’s have a look on them.

The 1st free Word Processor for Mac in our list is “Pages”. Pages are readily available for MAC users at the official application store of Apple. This tool has always been renowned for making your documents look good by providing good writing and managing facilities. The latest version is highly appreciated by the users. Furthermore, latest features added to the MAC OS like Force Touch, Split View, grammar checking for free and Voice over has made it extremely easy to move the documents from one device to another. This feature is further supported by the Cloud Storage. The best part about it is that unlike Microsoft Word, you don’t need to save your work before shifting or opening that same file on any other device. The automatic save feature is the best of its kind. If you’re a regular user of Pages, one thing you might notice while using its latest version and that is that still, you can access the library of hundreds of templates to give your documents even more professional look. One negative point is that it can’t be used for Long documents like Novels and likewise.

Libre Office Writer
The 2nd member of this list is “Office Writer” developed by the developers of Libre Office It is one of the best one in the market for those who want to work on MAC while enjoying all of the privileges which a person enjoys on Microsoft Word. It’s a good Word processor having the ability to support all formats including doc., PDF and likewise. Its wizard feature allows you to set up your documents, blogs, memos, letters and likewise in a good, quick and efficient way. Its auto-complete feature helps you predicting words while you type. One drawback is that it doesn’t have cloud-storage feature but still, it covers almost all basics of a Word Processor.


If we say that Google is a pioneer in Web-based application to work for the purposes of Word processing, then it won’t be wrong. Google docs are been round the corner for a while. It’s a free web based application to write the document, you can check for punctuation if are not comfortable with checking it there. You don’t need to take your document from one place to another via email or flash drive. You just need to have a free account on Google and start using Google docs. It’ll automatically save your document while you’re writing. You don’t need to save the document again and again. When you’ll stop working, it’ll automatically save your document to your Google drive account. Further, you can share the same document to various platforms using it.

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