How to Pick a Best Laptop for Travel In 2017

Written by Jaymin Shah

If you love to travel but you can’t imagine leaving your home without a trusty device, purchasing the best travel laptop is simply a must. Yes, we live in an era of smartphones and tablets. They are great for playing mobile games while you are waiting for your flight, browsing the web, or checking your e-mail. If you want to watch movies or work while you are on the move, the best travel laptop is an excellent option that will keep you connected at all times. Here are few things you need to know before you go out there and pick out your new travel laptop.

No.1: Battery life and size

When it comes to the size of your travel laptop, you can easily carry a 16-inch laptop without creating a fuss in the security check up. If you have a bigger laptop, the chances are it might not be very travel-friendly. Business people do need more powerful machines in order to do their work while they are out of the office. The best option for you is an Ultrabook that features amazing hardware and a small body. You can use it for more demanding tasks such as video or photo editing while you are away from your workstation.

Battery life is also quite important so you have to understand that powerful laptops do need more energy to work. Affordable machines with moderate components can hold for up to ten hours of constant use which is great when you are on the move. So if you want a laptop you will power up only while traveling, take a closer look at the more budget friendly options.

No.2: Travel-friendly features

There are so many different models available in the market today and some of them have groundbreaking features that make traveling a lot more fun. For instance, you can get a touchscreen laptop that can serve as a tablet and a computer. They are usually light and compact (if you go for a smaller model) so you will be able to carry your laptop easily. You can entertain yourself by watching movies while holding the tablet, but turn it into a small workstation as soon as you attach the keyboard.

If you are not a fan of detachable keyboards, you can also get a laptop that has a 360 hinge. You can quickly turn your laptop into a tablet. Surely, it might be a bit heavier to hold but you can also position it in the tent move and have the screen stand freely on a firm surface.

No.3: Your personal needs

Before you go out there and purchase a new laptop, you have to determine what you really need in that moment. If you want to work while you are away from your office, you might need a mid-range laptop that is both light and powerful. On the other hand, you can browse the web on something like Chromebook which will save you a lot of money. Two-in-one laptops are great for watching movies and TV shows. Knowing what you want will help you out with the choice and you will get a device that will become your best friend while you are away from home.


While the weight and the size of your new travel laptop might be the most important factors, you have to take a closer look at the other features as well. Convertible laptops with a touch screen can be very practical and provide you with hours and hours of fun but they can also be used for catching up with your work while you are traveling. So figure out the purpose of your new laptop and finding the right model will be a lot easier.

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