How do you start a Vlog on Youtube?

Written by RiyaJain

The most popular platform for vlogging is Youtube. Aside from the fun that you can get while maintaining your channel, such activity is profitable. Yes! you can earn through vlogs!

As a vlogger, it’s only natural that you’ll be looking for the best vlogging camera with a flip screen. After all, articulating screens can help you make sure everything is okay while you record. These cameras can save you a lot of timewhich can help you making  part-time vlogging possible.

But YouTube vlogging is not that easy as you post something on your Facebook or Twitter. You need to create quality Youtube Vlogs so you can build an audience and viewers. Starting this needs planning, practicing, master the process, and of course marketing. If you just follow these techniques, well, you’re gonna be a star in Youtube vlogging.

Here’s what: Before you start recording videos for your vlogs, get some paper and pen and make some brainstorming activities.

Ask yourself first: What is the purpose of your vlogging?

Whatever your reasons for vlogging, these make a great impact on how your vlogging activities continue and survive. Are you doing vlogs to seriously make it as your career? Or you just want to be heard by many the same way you give your thoughts to your friends and loved ones?

Maybe you have heard of professional vloggers. If you want to be like them, you have to think of how much time you want to devote to your YouTube Channel in a definite period. Let’s say, every day, every week, or every month etc. Of course, you have to be devoted. People might expect from you if they are used to your vlogging schedule.


Think of what you are going to vlog about. Remember this: people want an interesting story. Think of what’s on trend, or what can you say about some recent issues. And of course, you have to think of a topic you are passionate about. When you have the passion for such topic, you’ll do anything just to get a lot of information about such topic. And this makes you great in sharing this information to people through vlog. Believe me! You’ll exactly look smart on topics who are passionate about. If you just decided to vlog on a topic because you are just told to do so but do not have the passion about it, you’ll likely to end a video that would make you look stupid.

Now, if you’re ready to with your topic, go on with the recording process. Be sure that you have a good camera that is capable of recording quality videos. A quality video helps you deliver your thoughts well to the public. If you need to edit your videos to make it appear really good, there are available software ready to be installed in your PC.

So, what’s next? When your videos are ready, you can now spread it by building your branded YouTube Channel. You can then, too create social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram where you can advertise your videos and your YouTube Channel. By the way, make sure that you know the practice of these social networks. There are networks such as Facebook where you can only post twice a day.

Oops,,, vlogging is not gonna happen overnight. It is also hard to wait for people to notice your videos and their reaction. What’s the best thing to do? BE PATIENT and WAIT. If you are vlogging interesting stories, surely, people will notice your videos and vlogging for you will likely be a success.

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