Starting a Small Skip Hire Business

Written by RiyaJain

Data from researchers shows that in the United Kingdom, there are more than 17 million skips hired each year for domestic purposes alone. Those are many skips and it goes to show how much the skip hire industry has advanced and its promising future. There are many companies that offer skip hire services, but even with this kind of supply there still is room for new entrants into the business. You could as well come up with a skip hire company by starting with even one truck. If you are thinking about venturing into the skip hire business, here are factor you need to consider before launching your business.

Virtually all types of businesses in the UK are regulated and overseen by the authorities to ensure they engage in activities allowed under the law. Before starting a skip hire company, you should consider first working on the legal aspect of the business. Process all paper work early by registering your company and preparing tax information. You also need to register your trucks so the authorities can know what you own in the business. Once you are done processing licensing, you should proceed to get your business rolling.

Note that some areas have more opportunities than others, so you could have to spend a few days observing the trend of the market to know which areas are a perfect match for your business. Market research is what should come before anything else and if possible, you should invite a professional to advice you. However, don’t despair when things seem to move slowly because there are endless opportunities out in the market that you could embrace. One of the ways in which you can ensure your company grows faster is coming up with a unique service and giving better rates than competing companies.
Go online
Once your business goes live on the ground, ensure you also have a website where you can share information like rates and the routes your company operates within. This will be important to clients who are looking for a service they can reach in their region. Also come up with an ordering system that allows clients to hire online. This is basically a booking system that allows clients to get services on a particular day. Managing the company through the digital landscape helps to stretch visibility further and brings in more clients.
Cost of disposal and perfect places to dispose
Another thing you need to know is that you cannot start a skip hire company if you don’t know where you can dispose trash collected. You should research to know where other companies dump their trash to make your work easy. Additionally, there are charges attached to using these dumpsites and this is also an issue you need to look into before you fully embrace the idea of starting a company in that area. Costs of disposal vary from one area to another, so you need to ensure you choose an option that suits your small business.

Do you have a premise?
Wait! Do you have a premise or a place where you can keep your trucks and probably set up an office? If you don’t have space, you need to look for one so you will not need to pay parking fees every time your trucks are not working. It makes more sense to have a place where you can keep your trucks and an office from which clients can reach you to physically discuss your collection plans. Even if you don’t own the needed space, you could negotiate with friends to help you for a small fee.

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